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Balancing Act: The Newsletter (No. 112: December 2008)

Happy Holidays from Maria, Koufax, Buddy and me to all of you. May you rejoice in love and life throughout the coming year. Thanks to all of you who have continually send prayers and best wishes for our grandchildren. Progress is very good, and you may follow them here:

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Techniques for balance when in new surroundings

Holiday balance suggestions, no matter what or how you celebrate:

  • If you're worried about tipping people at the holidays, err on the high side. It's a small difference to you and a big difference to them.

  • Give more of yourself, whether money or time, to charities, shelters, and similar causes.

  • Don't drink alcohol with clients or prospects. It's never smart. Similarly, you don't belong under the mistletoe unless you're with your true love.

  • Don't make a New Year's Resolution unless you really intend to keep it. It's not just that it's otherwise a waste of time, but it's a downer when you realize that you've "failed" again to change a certain behavior or result.

  • Create a financial plan for the year with these priorities: 1) normal living expenses; 2) funding special needs (e.g., college fund); 3) retirement funding; 4) impulse purchases and unanticipated needs.

  • Plan all your vacation time, whether distant or local, before January 1 and place it in your calendar, sacrosanct. There is nothing wrong with taking long weekends within a car drive or even telling people you're away and just relaxing at home (which Maria and I have done).

  • Try smiling at people first. You don't have to say a thing. But on the elevator, in a hallway, on the street-don't immediately try to lose eye contact.

  • There is no reason that you can't have a great time and still eat reasonably or workout on a schedule.

  • When you pass the guy with the beard, red suit, and bell and that kettle outside of a store, put something in the pot.

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Christmas and the New Year's create such an odd juxtaposition. (Okay, I realize that different people celebrate or don't celebrate different holidays, but I'm weary of political correctness and, admit it or not, we celebrate a holiday environment at Christmas which has become a secular festivity.) Within a week we're celebrating our lives with family and friends, and then ending a traumatic year while looking forward to what we hope is a better one.

This has always been a bit of a social shock for me, sort of like extreme hot and cold, or sweet and sour, or wet and dry. An example: I was told that Kenny G, the gifted saxophonist, can breathe through his nose while blowing through his mouth, thus holding a note for 40 minutes or so. I've tried to do this, when there is no one near, and I cannot comprehend how it is done. This is another social shock I'm dealing with.

It's tough to simultaneously say farewell and hello, to breathe out and breathe in at once.

This may be why rates of depression and suicide rise in January. Suddenly you're thrust out there, facing the cold (sometimes literally) new year, Thanksgiving and Christmas gone, no family events being forced onto your particular stage until there is a wedding, graduation, or death, and you're expected to come out swinging into 2009.

I suggest that we all create some momentum. Use these approaching holidays, while we still can influence our own actions, to build some acceleration that will take you through the January doldrums. (This term comes from areas around the equatorial oceans where there is no wind to fill ships' sails.) Plan family events early in the year. Don't make unrealistic "resolutions" that will leave you feeling like a failure instead of fulfilled. Don't look to next year to "bail you out" of this one, look to it as an opportunity to improve your life yourself.

We shouldn't come to an "end" of the current year, and a standing start for the new one. Nor should we kiss family goodbye at the holidays.

We should use the Christmas spirit to catapult us into a terrific New Year which we make better than ever for ourselves and our loved ones.

You don't have to breathe in and out simultaneously. You just have to breathe.

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I've been slightly astonished not merely by the fact that we have adjusted to these unprecedented economic times, but that we've done so in such rapid order. The human capacity for acceptance is enormous.

What choice is there? Perpetual agony? Eternal victimization? Infinite regret? They sound like reform schools in hell.

People are going about their business. Those who are out of work are trying to find a new job. Those who run small businesses are trying to figure out how to provide additional value. People are cutting back where they have to. Others are trying to take advantage of bargains in the market.

The resilience of people is dramatic, not merely in reaction to this financial mess, but in general, in reaction to illness, death, disappointment, loss, or unfair circumstances. Resilience is based on the intrinsic belief that you can muster the learning, behavior, and strength to overcome. It applies to athletic teams and neighborhoods, to actors and accountants, to white collar and blue.

There's a need to regain normalcy in our lives. We need regularity in order to make calm and rational decisions, to avoid overreacting, to establish smart priorities, and to allocate and include balance in our lives.

In short, we can't walk around scared. And we can't walk around blaming "them."

We can take accountability for our own lives and act accordingly, or we can walk around scared and blaming. We can accept, or we can resist.

We have a great capacity to accept adversity and overcome. The question I always wonder about is whether we have as great a capacity to accept the best of life and relish it while we're here and while we can.

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I lost my wallet the other night, called the restaurant where we had dinner, and had the hostess crawling under tables with a flashlight in her good clothes, to no avail. I whined all morning, then called Amex to cancel my cards and have them reissued. I asked Bentley to create a new registration for my car, and was preparing to go for a new license right after my teleconference on Friday.

Still grumpy at the teleconference sign-in, I was adjusting my phone and chatting with some early participants on the line and, finally happy with the arrangements, I sat back to put my feet on the credenza and immediately began to yell, rather excitedly. The people on the line began yelling back, as people (and beagles) do in a crowd.

"Alan, are you all right?"

"What happened to you?"

"What's gone wrong?"

"Do you need help?"

I had sat on my wallet, which was lying in the rear of the chair. At that angle, a titanium card hurts.

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Constance R. Dierickx, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant
RHR International Co.

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"Every day ought to look like a holiday." - AW