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Balancing Act: The Newsletter (No. 147: November 2011)

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Techniques for balance

  • Break all big projects into “chunks.” Painting a garage, writing an article, creating a new web site, looking for a new car—these don’t require that everything be completed at one time or in one day.

  • Ask the hotel concierge to arrange for your boarding passes. Don’t be shunted off to the “business center.”

  • I’m writing this on an airplane. We FedExed our luggage to arrive today at the hotel. FedEx just confirmed they were delivered (the plane has wifi) so I wrote an email to my hotel contact and asked that the boxes be placed in our meeting room and the luggage in our suite. If that’s not worth a couple of hundred dollars, I don’t know what is.

  • I’ve just been asked to prepare different presentations from various people. The key distinction between good and outstanding: enthusiasm. If you don’t believe it, why should I?

  • Don’t live through others vicariously. Why can’t you do what they’re doing, in your own way, by your own criteria?

  • When you’re asked for advice, try to solve the other’s problem, not relate your own successes. What are they capable of? It may be more or less than you.

  • It helps if you bear in mind that virtually every post you see on Facebook is for the benefit of the sender!

  • Repeating someone else’s platitudes or observations in support of your own position doesn’t necessarily make you correct. You both could be wrong.

  • When you find you’re almost at the end of something and are “stuck” or at some obstacle, it’s usually because you’re afraid of finishing.

  • When is the last time you went out and walked in the rain?

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Semiotics is about the observation and analysis of words and signs, including metaphors, symbolism and so on. Its Greek roots relate to being “observant of signs.”

I’ve always believed that language controls discussion, discussion controls relationships, and relationships control business. You might want to substitute “influence” for control, but you get my drift. Everything begins with language, and therefore what we think, and that which informs our behavior, begins with words and our ability to use them. All transactions are about communications. (A Rutgers professor once explained to our class that “War is simply the least subtle form of communication.”)

Words are like tools. My father-in-law, who could fix everything mechanical and most things non-mechanical, said to me, “If you have the right tools, you can fix anything.” We have these wonderful tools at our disposal, but too many fail to secure a sufficient quantity to address all likely scenarios.

Nuance is everything, and our language is rich with the ability to differentiate. Are you facing a hodgepodge, a farrago, or a gallimaufry? Is that a tomboy or a hoyden? Is the speaker implying or the listener inferring? Can you be on your back and prone? (No, only supine.)

“A long, wandering line” doesn’t help as much as a “serpentine” line, and a pointy nose is far better expressed as “aquiline.” “We hold these truths to be self-evident” grabs my attention more than, “We’re pretty sure that most of you would agree with this most of the time.”

As I listen to interviewees on talk shows, protestors on the streets, politicians on the stump, and athletes on a celebratory high, I’m aghast at how poorly they reflect their conditions and circumstances. Many are functionally inarticulate. It seems like those with the least ability to express themselves miraculously and insidiously wind up with the opportunity to face the largest audiences.

We should choose our words carefully, not out of fear of being misunderstood, thought that’s always a threat (hence, the neologism “misspoke”), but rather to ensure that we are maximizing our influence, furthering our cause, and helping our case.

This particular tool kit has a vast capacity. If you choose to pound a nail into a wall with a screwdriver, you might actually succeed, but with possible damage to the wall, nail, screwdriver, and fingers. If you use a hammer, thinks are apt to go more smoothly.

If you use the right verbal tools, you’re far less likely to cause hurt and to be hurt. How many new tools are you acquiring? Or do you still have the same old, tattered bag you had ten years ago?

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The human condition: Nitpicking

Not long ago I ran a free teleconference on referral business, certainly a key and vital aspect of almost all businesses. I asked only that anyone joining make a $10 contribution to the East Greenwich Animal Protection League, one of my favorite causes.

I’ve written 45 books. I understand that a contribution makes this not totally free, but most of my teleconferences are well over $100 and the $10 wasn’t for me. Yet, sure enough, the “gotcha” players had to point out that “free” wasn’t really true.

I, on the other hand, prefer to treat people as adults and believe they’ll get the point.

I notice in my workshops and Forum, some people never ask anything, they seldom compliment anyone, they are usually negative. They will find an obscure point or facet and raise it as a critique, even though the point has little to do with the overall value or validity of the effort.

Feedback should be timely, constructive, brief, focused on correctable issues, helpful, and new (not simply an iteration of everyone preceding). Telling someone their presentation was good but you are bothered that they are left-handed is not helpful. Someone once complained that a client tended to chew on ice, yet that bothered only the complainer.

When we nitpick (you have five typos in your book) we tend to devalue all the rest of what may actually be highly relevant help, because it is part and parcel of the minutiae of the transmission. A woman handed me her card once after a speech and told me she could “help correct my speech defect.” I’m in the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. I guess no one else has noticed my “defect.” It’s not that my speaking can’t be improved, but I simply never sweat the small stuff. Neither should she.

If you want to help someone, especially if you’ve been asked, focus on the major issues which will make a major difference. And be prepared to take as well as give.

The last time I told someone particularly resentful of feedback that they were being overly defensive, she replied, “I am NOT defensive!”



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I complained to the audio/video guy at the hotel that my computer had drained of power, and clearly his projector was adversely affecting my new Apple MacBook Pro.

“That’s impossible,” he said.

“Yeah, well read the screen. It says I’m on reserve power, down to 15 percent, and we’re only at lunch.”

Looking at the setup, he suggested, “Perhaps you’d go up to full strength if you plugged your lap top into the power strip.”

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