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2024 Virtual Workshop Series: Major Growth Issues for Professional Services Providers
Monthly: July – Dec, 2024
10:30AM Eastern US Time
All sessions are recorded and distributed promptly as part of the program.
Single Session: $350
Two Sessions: $650
Three Sessions: $900
Four Sessions: $1100
Five Sessions: $1,200
Six Sessions: $1,300

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I’ve designed this series around the most frequently asked questions in my global coaching program, and from the advice I’ve provided that has most rapidly propelled people to much higher income and far less labor intensity. Everyone enrolled in each 90-minute program will receive a recording. I also encourage questions in advance. 

All sessions are on Mondays at 10:30 US Eastern time so that you can begin your week with new approaches. The sixth session is intended to create a far more powerful 2025.

July 22, 2024

Session One


Learn how to prevent people from “ghosting” and what to do in case they do refuse to return calls and emails. However, my methods for avoiding this entirely are highly effective, and can be applied immediately—in fact, as soon as you leave the workshop or video. People call me back because they can't afford not to.

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August 26, 2024

Session Two

The Real Story

Story telling has been proven to be one of the most effective and high impact methods to influence others. Learn the three components of any great story, how to create them, introduce them, deliver them, and exploit the results. Discover the events in your life that are great stories that you don’t even realize you own. And learn how to immediately recall the appropriate story when needed extemporaneously.

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September 23, 2024

Session Three


Learn to shut up.

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October 21, 2024

Session Four

Achieving and Sustaining Results Leadership

Step away from the hackneyed “thought leadership” (Does that mean you have more thoughts than everyone else?) and into the rarefied atmosphere of unequivocal achievements and concomitant brand power. Believe it or not, the thinking didn’t go into creating drills, but rather how to create holes.

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November 18, 2024

Session Five

How to Be A Contrarian and Live to Tell About it

You need an “edge,” the ability to unsettle people. There IS such a thing as “too much quality,” and “overly happy employees.” The customer is NOT always right, and while the early bird may get the worm, it’s the early worm that gets eaten. Follow me right to the edge without falling over it, and learn how be a constant object of interest.

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December 9, 2024

Session Six

The 20-Hour Week, the Million Dollar Year

Some people say, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” I say, “The smarter I work, the luckier I get.” Learn how YOU can create a 20-hour-a-week approach to your profession and/or practice, and  how that can create a million dollars (or more) annually. These are not metaphors. I’m serious. You don’t believe that? Well, what if a thousand people bought this entire series that you are considering right now? That’s over a million dollars for me “working” 90 minutes a month for six months. If you think I can do that, but not you, I thank you, but shame on you! Don’t you think you ought to invest enough to see what you’re capable of, and if it’s possible for you? I mean, even if it’s 25 hours….

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Register for a 6 sessions with the option to add on the Special Sessions which include six 30-minute Zoom coaching calls with me, one-to-one.

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All sessions are recorded and distributed promptly as part of the program. The Special Sessions (below) are arranged with me at mutually-convenient times over the ensuing 12 months.

Single Session:


Two Sessions:


Three Sessions:


Four Sessions:


Five Sessions:


Six Sessions:


Special Sessions: All six plus six 30-minute Zoom coaching calls with me, one-on-one: $2,500. 

These appointments will be adjusted to accommodate differing time zones.