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I’ve offered a hugely popular Global Learning Program for about two years. At this writing, over 1,000 people from 48 countries have joined to gain lifetime access to 14 modules of every important, elemental consulting and coaching skill and behavior.

Because of a huge volume of requests, I’ve created an advanced program of 15 modules which range from The Martial Arts of Language and In the Buyer’s Office to Financial Planning and Dealing with Crises. There are connections to the basic program but mostly new material, feature videos from me, videos from your peers around the globe discussing application, and supporting text and recommendations.

If you’ve purchased the original program, there is a discount for purchasing this one, and a larger discount for ordering it pre-publication, which will be by March, 2023. (If you have not purchased the original but prefer to begin with this one, that’s fine, too.) As always, you will have access to these modules for life, without any additional payments ever due.

I look forward to continuing to help your growth and life.


The regular price after January 15 will be $135 for purchasers of the elemental program and $155 for everyone else.

Note that these are non-refundable purchases for any reasons, which enables us to provide these low prices. Your purchase here acknowledges our non-refund policy and accepts it.

"If you're a solo consultant, no doubt you know the name Alan Weiss. Maybe you have one of his books, follow him on social media or have attended a webinar. However, nothing replicates the in-person experience. I recently attended a one-day session with Alan in New York, with him at the helm and immersed with a small group of peers, we had an impromptu lesson about resilience, participated in roleplays and walked away with insights that could be applied immediately in my work. If the opportunity arises for you to be in person with Alan, jump on it!"

Raj Dhiman

Co-Founder, Retail Strategy Group