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Alan’s Book in A Day in LA: How to write and market your first or next book.
December 28, 2021
9AM – 4PM Pacific Time, lunch included
Los Angeles
Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills
You must bring a laptop or other device you can type on and with which to access the internet.

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Alan has over 50 original, commercially published books, another dozen in second-through-sixth editions, and 15 in other languages. He has both self-published and commercially published. 

One of his most famous “parlor tricks” (next to his card trick) is “writing a book outline” for a participant within three minutes while walking around the room.

Now, during his first time in Los Angeles in over two years, he’s running a six-hour program (and buying lunch) in which everyone will create a full commercial book proposal or completed template for a self-published book. You will develop—with him that day—a title, subtitle, at least ten chapter headings, annotated chapter descriptions, competitive analysis, marketing platform, and an outlined sample chapter. You can submit these to an agent, acquisitions editor at a publishing house, or a vanity press (or simply publish it yourself in hard copy and/or electronic form).

No one else—no one, nadie—can do this with you in this amount of time but Alan. And you’ll have a rollicking good time, meet colleagues with whom you’ll create long-term relationships, and tell people you spent a day with “the Rock Star of Consulting.”

Not only that, but since Alan is in LA because his son and daughter-in-law are having Alan’s third grandchild (and their first daughter), instead of the $1,000 this demands, the fee is only $450!

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