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Business as a Second Language

May 4, 2021
10AM – 11:30AM Eastern US Time (good for Europe, West Coast US can get up early)
Session will be recorded

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This 90-minute Zoom session is designed for:

  • Tech experts, consultants, and advisors
  • People launching second careers in consulting
  • Consultants and experts who can’t convert prospects to clients
  • Those who think “first in, first out” (FIFO) means how you want to visit the dentist.
  • Those who think EBIDA stands for Every Body Is Distinctly Afraid

We will deal with these provocative issues:

  • Why the CIO is probably not your buyer
  • How to move technology and methodology from delivery enablement to strategic input
  • How to hide the fact that your strength is technology
  • How to learn to speak “business” fluently, or at least with barely a tech accent
  • How to cure the OCD disease of defaulting to methodology

If anyone is interested in forming a Prestige Mastermind Group specifically for technically-oriented people (“Hello, Alan, I specialize in technology”—“Hello, Tom”), there is a 20% discount ($1,500) if you attend this program.

Is your inability to speak business holding you up, casting you as an alien, forcing you to beg for food? Then join me for a total immersion session that will have you speaking business flawlessly.

Join the subsequent Prestige Mastermind on Technology (dates to be decided by participants) $3,500 (30% discount).