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Controlling Conversations: How to compromise and do it your way
January 18, 2022
11AM Eastern US Time
Zoom, 90 minutes, interactive, recorded

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Language controls discussion, discussion controls relationships, and relationships control business. That is an immutable law of the professional services business universe.

Why do so many of your conversations seem to end suspended in air, with no means to land? Why are you “ghosted” when you thought you had a strong relationship? Why does the buyer ramble and digress while you desperately try to seize control back as if you were wrestling a cape buffalo?

In this 90-minute session I’ll demonstrate how to control every conversation at any time you choose, while the other person is quite happy to comply and contribute. We’ll talk about live meetings, Q&A (ever notice that at press conferences reporters make speeches, they don’t just ask questions, and the person at the mike is too stupefied to stop them), presentations, small groups, one-on-one, Zoom, phone, and even email.

If you control the discussion you control the business. It’s that simple in concept. But in practice, you need the specific tactics to arrive at your destination, not someone else’s.

If you want to build your business rapidly and exponentially, then come to my destination on January 18.

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