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June 25-27, 2019
Newport, RI
Castle Hill Inn


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This is a unique offering for graduates of the Million Dollar Consulting® College, Thought Leadership, By Invitation Only, and other major events I’ve hosted. It is limited to 12 participants and is held in Newport, RI on June 25-27, 2019. The content will be all new and different from previous versions. Consider it the PhD program in your business and life.

The objectives:

  • Provide my latest thinking for you on business and personal growth.
  • Interact with highly successful colleagues for mutual learning.
  • Explore and experiment with your own ideas and new IP.
  • Emerge with ideas, tools, and support for accelerated growth.
  • Learn and apply what’s required to be an icon in your profession and/or marketplace.

The setting: We’ll be at the venue where most colleges have been run, but “in season” with beach houses available on the water.

The participants: Participation is limited to 12 people whom I approve as ready for the challenge and can contribute to their peers.

The agenda:

  • Creating virtual and real evangelism.
  • Exploiting the rarefied air above and beyond thought leadership.
  • Creating predictions for your target audience.
  • Creating provocation in the “public forum.”
  • Exploiting the three aspects of any new sale.
  • Creating an alluring presence.
  • Combining personal goals with professional goals.
  • Media role plays.
  • Using contemporary examples to create attention.
  • Creating and bestowing expert “awards.”
  • Letting go so you can reach out.
  • Building your base of stories, metaphors, and “scripts.”
  • Maximizing your growth.

The timing: Two and a half days.

The investment: $17,500

Only 2 seats remaining

Lodging and most meals are included. Rolls, Alan, Bentley, Buddy, and Unicorn Cards are welcome. Growth Cycle discounts are honored. First come, first served, full payment required for registration. (If you do not attend for any reason, I will provide a full credit if you cancel 60 days or more prior; 50% 21-59 days prior; but no credits at all within three weeks.)

"Here are my thoughts and takeaways: The Master Class worked us hard. I was particularly struck on Friday morning when a new exercise left us all dumbfounded, with no answers. The role plays were extensive, sudden and provided excellent learning points on delivery, reframing and communication style We need to be outrageous but not ridiculous and there is a fine line Being prescriptive in the sales process helps us to get to true value faster and more accurately We need to think bigger – like raising my fees 2.5X bigger"

Colleen Francis

Engage Selling Solutions, Inc

"The Master Does the Master Class Practicing what he preaches, Alan provided 2.5 days and evenings of value. Not just new content and great dining experiences, but more significantly, new ways of looking at things. He even stunned us all with what may appear to be a contrarian view to his famous OMV discussion with clients. The comprehensiveness and diversity of topics, discussions, debates, and disclosure let us look at our own worlds through a new and different lens. Is it typical of Alan’s style? It is. Is it Alan’s typical content with a new title? Not even close."

Kim Wilkerson

Wilkerson Consulting

"I learned so much on two different levels. I learned ways to move my business to the next level, I realized how small I’ve been thinking and that it’s really important to make time to think and stretch your thinking. I also learned from how you you lead. There are many things you did for us that I can take away and recreate for my own clients. Thank you for a great week at an incredible venue!"

Lisa Larter

The Lisa Larter Group

"This Master Class was a powerful event with a great group! I’ve got a new six figure offering and ways to create Express Branding to differentiate me, leverage my hobbies and passions, increase awareness, and grow my business. Not bad for a few days’ work amidst great views, meals, conversations, and friends."

Phil Symchych

Symco & Co.

"My top three takeaways were these: 1) At this level, we need to be prescriptive in marketing. 2) A powerful brand dramatically reduces the work intensity of marketing. 3) How easy it is to create IP given the discipline to set aside the time and create the conditions."

Shlomo Swidler

CEO Orchestratus, Inc.

"The experience has been incredible, and we’ve never had to work so hard at an Alan event. Not in terms of labor, but in thoughts. He got us to think at incredibly high levels. Alan raised the bar with the IP he created for us, and he similarly raised the bar for us. If you ever have a chance to attend a Master Class, do it!"

Praveen Puri

Puri Consulting LLC

"This was an extraordinary event–hard to describe or put into words or compare to other events–but after a few memorable days of dining and learning, I wanted to share a few thoughts. This truly was THE Master Class. Of the 11 of us there, I think most would be willing to attend again. If he’ll only take 12, I’d suggest putting your name down! "

Noah Fleming

Fleming Consulting & Co.