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Alans's Million Dollar Consulting Growth Access

Alan’s Million Dollar Consulting®

Growth Access

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I’m offering—for the first time ever—access to my vast body of work: video, audio, workshop downloads, and print.

You can now gain access to hundreds of videos, audios, textual materials, workshops, etc. that I’ve created—a treasure trove of my IP—by paying $5,000 to subscribe to Growth Access FOR LIFE! A one-time fee, that’s all, and we add new, exclusive material monthly. Many people watch and listen to this material just before a client call, a meeting, writing a proposal, etc. This is my intellectual property repository, approaching $100,000 of video, audio, textual, and workshop materials available to you.

The All-Access Program Includes:

  • 627 (Six Figures to Seven Figures) Workshop
  • The Strategist Workshop
  • Keeping Your Money Workshop
  • In the Buyer’s Office Live Stream Download
  • Change Management Workshop
  • Referrals Workshop
  • 92 brief (two-to-five minutes) videos on subjects as diverse as story telling, culture change, taking command of a meeting, and so forth
  • Write Stuff Workshop
  • Common Sense Consulting series
  • Super Language Workshop
  • Resolve Workshop
  • Marketing Your Book Workshop
  • 0-300 (Zero to Three Hundred Thousand) Workshop
  • Self-Esteem series
  • Weekly Sabbatical series
  • Million Dollar Mindset series
  • Alan Weiss 101
  • Almost Free Workshop
  • Framed Workshop
  • Lasting Impressions Workshop
  • Mentor Summit
  • The 5T Teleconference (never before released)
  • The Creative Process
  • The Mystery of Plan B
  • The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurialism
  • Time Mastery
  • Innovation
  • For High Achievers Only
  • Framing Skills to Mesmerize the Client
  • Keeping Your Money
  • Lessons from the Million Dollar Club
  • Presenting the Proposal in the Buyer’s Office Role-Play
  • Advanced Consulting Methodologies
  • Advance Framing Skills for Project Implementation
  • 627 (Six Figures to Seven Figures in Revenue)
  • Achieving Celebrity
  • Advance Consulting Skills
  • Constructive Confrontation
  • Interview with Former Girl Scouts CEO Francis Hasselbein
  • Million Dollar Consulting Mindset Series
  • Abundance Thinking
  • The Resolve Event
  • Best Practices of the Million Dollar Club
  • Change Management Workshop
  • Defusing the Bomb
  • How to Cut the Crap Webinar
  • How to Market Your Book Workshop
  • In the Buyer’s Office Case Study
  • In the Buyer’s Office Teleconference
  • Lasting Impressions Workshop
  • Spirituality
  • Super Speaking
  • The Strategist Workshop
  • Thrive Workshop
  • Your Money’s Worth
  • Writing High Value Proposals
  • Two Business Models
  • Twenty Objections to Overcome for Professional Speakers
  • The Write Stuff Series
  • The Future of Professional Services
  • The Cosmic Woo and You
  • The Coach’s Calling
  • Super Language Practicum
  • Myths and Monsters Webinar
  • Maximize Your Professional Speaking Business
  • Meetings That Work
  • Mid-Course Corrections
  • Identifying New and Existing Prospects
  • How to Get In Front of Buyers
  • Getting Referral Business Role-Play
  • Getting to the Buyer
  • Going for the Close
  • Disengaging
  • Creating Products and Passive Income
  • Reviewing the Proposal with the Buyer Case Study
  • Launching the Project Case Study
  • Referral Workshop
  • Million Dollar Ideas
  • The Coming Boom
  • Instructional Design
  • Interview with Alan Series

Plus many more, with more content added regularly!

Alans's Million Dollar Consulting Growth Access

All-Access Program:


Access to all of the included material (including Launch and Growth), in excess of 400 hours, with still additional focus on life balance, retainers, subcontracting, media, building communities, evergreen clients, referral business, and much more. Estimated worth is almost $100,000.

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This source material appeared originally in workshops, experiences, books, downloads, videos, and other media which cost those tens of thousands of dollars to have engaged in originally. 

Not only can you access all of this at your convenience, but I’m committing to add material every month to the resources in video, audio, and print, so that you’ll always have new intellectual property to study and absorb. The material will expand constantly.

"A quick note to let you know how much I love your content on Growth Access. It helps me clarify my own thinking on various topics. I have listened to some of the sessions several times based on my current needs, and they are helping me chart a way forward. There's at least a 10X ROI on this one for me!"

Lesley Antoun

"Thank you for creating this compendium of your IP. As one of your promo testimonials said, if I remember correctly, “This is the best ROI investment you can make with Alan” (or something to that effect). I would echo that. I’ve popped around and watched several segments of multiple programs (627, Referrals, Process Visuals, Workshop on Workshops, Power Language, Book Marketing, etc.) this week and greatly appreciate you making all of this available for such a minimal investment."

Bruce D. Johnson

President & Founder, BizScalers