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Hosting Revenue - Generating Meetings
January 27, 2022
Live Workshop, 9AM to 4PM
Boston, Mass

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A great many people have become adept at bringing people together virtually and in live meetings. However, these marketing opportunities are often failures because little or no business results. That’s more than a setback because your “first impression” has gone south, and you may never see these people again as a result.

There is only one opportunity to create a first impression.

I’m talking about meetings you’ve arranged to market your services, meetings others have arranged to create connections for you, and serendipitous meetings where you find yourself in the presence of buyers with time to make an impression. I’m talking about large meetings of dozens and small meetings of a few.

A lot of people tell me whom they’ve met, and how much “positive feedback” they’ve received from their presentation or interaction. But when I ask, “How much business has developed?” they change the conversation. You can’t pay the mortgage or save for your future based on people just showing up!

Here’s what we will cover and practice and develop a plan for implementing:

  • How to develop and grow more powerful lists and what “reach” means
  • How to invite people by using powerful attractors
  • How to configure the meeting to lead to business immediately
  • How to boast about your accomplishments through others
  • How to turn every conversation toward doing business (yes, I said “every”)
  • How to choose the right venues, how to create the right environment, and how much to invest (less than you think)
  • How to create fantastic follow-up, beginning at the meeting
  • How to create clients from prospects who didn’t attend
  • How to hit every participant’s “hot button”

Is that enough? How many of those are you now doing? How many meetings are you leading to create new business or expand existing business?

You need to meet with two buyers a week on average to have a great year, if your closing skills are excellent. This session will show you how to have dozens of buyers in the same room who are willing to create a business relationship with you. That takes care of what would otherwise be months of meetings, in just one session.

Sign up before December 1 and I’ll also send you any three of my books, signed. You can choose, or I’ll choose them for you.

Limited seating on this one, so make the decision to grow your business in 2022.

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