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Demonstrating dramatic ROI every time

Oct 4, 2021
10:30AM Eastern US Time

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Fees are a function of the value perceived by the buyer. The higher the monetized value, the more the fee is justified as a return on the investment.

Don’t forget that “money” and “budget” are two different things. A buyer may have already approved and allocated budget dollars, but that money is still available and can be reallocated when a better ROI is apparent.

Spend 90 minutes with me on Zoom and learn the following, which you can then apply immediately. In fact, perhaps you should stop writing proposals until you hear this to prevent yourself from continually undercharging (and over-delivering):

  • Redirect all price and fee questions to returns on investment.
  • Create objectives which are readily monetized.
  • Become proficient in the 12 value questions.
  • Begin with a higher value, higher fee “option 1.”
  • Prepare the buyer for the fee expectations prior to the proposal.
  • Incorporate non-tangible outcomes as part of the ROI.

In one hour you’ll be prepared to significantly increase your fees on a constant basis, no matter what your market, no matter what your expertise, no matter who the buyer (or how “tough”).

I estimate that you can increase your accepted proposals and their fees from 25 to 50 percent, with no additional labor or expense on your part.

Now, what’s the ROI for you on a $500 investment? Maybe 1,000:1? You haven’t budgeted for this, right? So use a credit card or take the money from under the mattress or suspend your kids’ allowance for a month.

You need this in these times of No Normal™!

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