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MILLION dollar



December 13-15, 2022
Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI

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I’ve been asked to run this again, and I miss it, so I’m going to do it on December 13-15 (2.5 days) in Castle Hill, Newport, RI, my usual stomping grounds. The beach houses in the winter are fantastic. There’s a great holiday atmosphere that time of year. It will be on my site next week. I’ll be focusing on what I’ve seen as the critical areas for success: brand-building, accelerating referrals, provocative IP, low labor revenue focus, the post-pandemic lasting realities, and so forth.

The fee is $15,000, which includes lodging, breakfast, lunch, breaks, and one dinner. If you catch me at the bar, it could include two dinners. I’m also going to take time to show how I create this and other workshops, step by step, live or remote. Past grads are welcome to attend for $5,000.

"Talk about return on investment. I felt I got my tuition back from the preparation work alone. My change in presentation for two new clients provided a fee more in line with the value I was delivering, and covered the entire college investment. In addition, the College allowed me to dramatically change my business model."

Gary Patterson

Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduate

"A fabulous five days…filed with unlimited hard-driving, highly actionable, highly valued outcomes. Your intense focus on the growth of my practice, which began with your ‘Good morning, Joe’ on the first day, was so personally empowering. Your five-day college will bring to me a lifetime of measurable growth. Thank you so much!"

Joe White

Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduate

"I recently received the framed diploma and our ‘class’ photo. Thank you very much! I also wanted to reiterate to you how valuable and significant the Consulting College was for me. What previous graduates have said about the experience being ‘life changing’ is absolutely true; and as a previous participant in the Mentor Programme, I feel I’ve gained even more value since our previous work has really paved the way for what I found to be a quite profound experience. Since that week, everything about my business looks different;. I have a clarity and feeling of confidence that I’ve not had before. Better yet, the results are tangible – since the college, I’ve had two proposals accepted for amounts outside of the originally stated budgets. Thank you for so generously sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom with me."

Jennifer Smokevitch

Roundtable Consulting Partners

"You can read Alan Weiss’s books and listen to his CDs; however, they pale in comparison to the Million Dollar Consulting® College experience. Additional value springs from elite professional peers. They reward you with their input, their follow-up, and the referrals of new business sources. Bring your high expectations to the college–they will be exceeded."

Keith McLeod

Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduate