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Scheduled on demand, contact Alan for the next session or to schedule one.

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I’ve been told that some people would greatly prefer that I offer coaching to an intimate group, sort of a Growth Cycle on steroids, which would work with me on a regular basis and whose members could get to know each other well for long-term support.

I’m proposing an elite mastermind group (I’ll form more than one if there’s interest) with these criteria:

  • Maximum of five people
  • Time adjusted to accommodate all members comfortably globally
  • Meeting schedule set with all members for convenience
  • 90 minute sessions over 90 days
  • 10 meetings over that time span, virtually
  • One-on-one work as needed and requested
  • Video of all sessions within 48 hours
  • Conditions permitting, an additional, live, full day meeting with Zoom attendance for anyone who can’t make it