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We’re Out of the Tunnel, Get Back on Track

How to organize your priorities, time, and energy in the new realities

April 27, 2021
11AM Eastern US Time
60-90 minutes (depending on questions
Recording access:
Immediate upon completion

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It’s been a year since the world imploded. Recreation, education, conversation, and businesses closed. People were scared, and many have been scarred through loss. We put our futures on “hold” and lived in fear. Yet here we are, resilient and optimistic again. But we have to act differently. There is no “return to normal.”

In this 60-90-minute session, I’m going to convey skills and mindsets that are needed to succeed and help others in a tumultuous and ambiguous world. Late last year I predicted a “Business Renaissance” to occur in March/April/May. And that’s exactly where we are. But it’s insufficient to merely rejoice in the rebirth, it’s important to position ourselves stronger than ever, and change the way we operate and the way we help ourselves, clients, and customers.

In this session, fostered by my newest book Your Legacy Is Now, you will learn:

  • How to best organize yourself to prevent the sense of “overwhelm” (which is a myth) and create comfortable control of your life.
  • How to decrease your labor intensity through my formula of “Q20 over B40” (a 20-hour quality week beats a 40-hour busy week). An 8-hour work day originated in the 16th Century as a socialist dream state. Why do you feel forced to adhere to it today?!
  • How and when to utilize remote and live marketing and delivery to optimize success and minimize expense and labor. Synergize your time, technology, and “touch.”
  • How to triage your clients.
  • How to attract ideal clients (using my “chain reaction of attraction”®).
  • How higher tech—tele-health, Zoom, Clubhouse, etc.—demands higher touch than ever, and how to provide it.
  • The secret to managing time includes the ability to manage expectations, the use of time elasticity, jettisoning the myths of “priority setting,” and the avoidance of almost all failure work.

I’ll take questions throughout the session (or you can send them before) and the session will be recorded for your use at any time.

Join me in leaving the tunnel but ensuring we’re on the right track. I’ve priced this very reasonably to encourage as many people as possible to take advantage of great times ahead and to improve their growth and their lives.

Enrollment: $350

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