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Using Contemporary Events to Generate Uniqueness and Extreme Value to Buyers
March 4, 2024
10:30AM Eastern US Time
A recording will be distributed. Bring your own coffee.

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One day I was forced by my buyer at a St. Louis hospital to attend a board reception before my speech. I simply could not get out of it, so I began to “mingle.” I met a man who owned the largest trucking firm in Missouri and the eighth largest in the nation. I said to him, “How does the bankruptcy of consolidate freight affect you?” (I Had read that in the Wall Street Journal on the plane.) He spoke for 15 minutes and asked if we could talk again later. He became a client.

Are you aware that supply chains are being “shrunk” in order to be less dependent of foreign sources and intervention? Do you appreciate the fact that use of telehealth has increased by a factor of 38 since the pandemic and is expected to grow almost 25% annually from its current $100 billion in revenues? 

There are 32 million small businesses in the US, small business comprise 99.9% of all global businesses, and 50% of all of them fail in the first five years due to clearly preventable factors. 

Two bad service experiences prompt about half of your customers to quit the brand.

Thirty percent of 3M revenue must come from products developed over the prior four years.

How able are you to use contemporary examples and numbers to project a unique value to your prospective buyers, setting you apart from all the competition?

In this session we’ll take your expertise and ideal buyers and develop specific, contemporary examples to “seal the deal” AND create a template so that you do this on a continuing, uninterrupted basis as if it’s second nature (unconscious competency). 

What is this worth? It will probably double your “hit rate,” quadruple your revenues, and add dramatically to your wealth—your discretionary time.

This will run on March 4 at 10:30 US eastern time, on Zoom, and will be recorded for distribution later. My birthday is the prior day, Sunday, March 3, and so your gift to me is $900.

More examples: Merck told me at one point that they have two customers: doctors and patients. I asked if they could exist without doctors (yes, sell direct to patients) and without patients (no, they treat illnesses). Today, you see Merck advertising in the media. You can apply the same to newspapers (advertisers/readers) which are being forced out of business (2,500 since 2004), and to insurance (agents/insureds). These misguided beliefs drive even large companies, and certainly smaller ones. Your intervention can change the conversation on the spot. (Thursday night football draws larger audiences on Prime Video than it did on CBS. What do shifts such as this portend for your prospect’s customers?)


March 4, 2024 at 10:30AM eastern US time

Bring your own coffee.

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