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How to put the odds in your favor

June 7, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
The Bellagio
$1,500 March 1 and beyond, room permitting

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Your Next Big Thing

How to put the odds in your favor

We’re in Las Vegas, and we’re not going to play on the dollar tables. But we’re not going to gamble recklessly, either. We’re going to place the odds in our favor.

If you analyze those of us who have had huge success, attracted global followers (corporately and/or individually), and become the icons of our professions, you’ll find that we’ve created one or more “big things.”

  • Nassim Taleb talked about the black swan.
  • Robert Cialdini identified 40 ways to create influence.
  • Malcolm Gladwell produced calculations that determine success.
  • Marshall Goldsmith points out what got you here won’t get you there.
  • Dan Gilbert researched the origins and impact of happiness.
  • Seth Godin describes “fitting in” the marketplace as being invisible.
  • Marcus Buckingham has focused on breaking rules and building strengths.
  • I’ve articulated fees based on value and an abundance mentality.

What’s your “big thing”? What will catapult you into being the household name and seminal thinker in your field? Long term, no one beats the “house” in Vegas. All you can do is play safer games and hope for luck.

We’re going to get away from the tables and focus on a systematic examination in six hours to arrive at your Big Thing. If you simply pay attention, allow yourself the freedom, and work with your colleagues, you’ll emerge with what may be the difference for the rest of your career (and life).

The people above all did it, as have hundreds of others. You can, too. Invest six hours and less money than you’d likely lose at the tables and come up with your Big Thing.

Las Vegas, NV (venue TBA)
June 7, 2019
9 am to 4 pm

Prep work 60 days in advance.
60 days of coaching with me on the Big Thing immediately following.

Fee: $1,500 March 1 and beyond, room permitting