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Volume 9  Number 1   |  January 2019

My brand new website is now online at Now until January 7th at 5PM EST, obtain a 20% discount on anything and everything I offer in celebration of the new home! My thanks to Lisa Larter and her great team for this exceptional work. And my thanks to all of you for your continuing support of my work.

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I began this free newsletter eight years ago. Since that time we’ve experienced:

• Brexit

• Widespread GPS

• Social networking on a huge scale

• Virtual reality

• Self-driving cars

• GE losing $400 billion in market value (80%)

• Global Entry

• Multi-use rockets

• Viable electric and hybrid cars

• Streaming TV shows

• Talks with North Korea at the presidential level

• Genetic engineering

• Personal drones

• Record economic growth in the US

• Trillion dollar companies (Apple and Amazon)

These are just some examples. References such as “volatility” and “disruption” are useless, since they are really the new normal. So what does that mean for our consulting?


We have to be in the moment. We need to balance client needs with environmental conditions and our own value. That’s the synthesis. Most clients know what they want at the moment, but not what they need for the future. Clients and prospects are confused in that they think that volatility and disruption are going to end and things will return to an “old normal.”

They will not.

Moreover, there are more speculative and specious recommendations in the media than ever before. Even seasoned executives and business owners don’t really know where to turn. Just look at Sheryl Sandberg’s demise in repute in regard to her work at Facebook.


Therefore, the future, e.g., 2019, should be a time of innovation, prediction, and confidence exuded by you. People are seeking expertise, which is usually manifest by confidence, new ideas, and volume.

Stop being afraid to lose business and be aggressive in trying to gain business. Identify your ideal buyers and focus on promoting to them. You can accept others who contact you, but your limited time and attention must be directed at your ideal buyer.

Don’t be a lone wolf. Create a support system. Use my community. And never stop self-development. There is no ROI such as the investment in yourself.

Like all years, this one can be wonderful if you understand what’s happened in the past, what’s happening today, and what you can make happen tomorrow.

© Alan Weiss 2019

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