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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset
From Alan Weiss

Volume 4 Number 3
March 2014

Welcome to the fourth year of Million Dollar Consulting Mindset. Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life. As always, I'm happy to answer questions if you send them to me and specify they're for MDCM.


Alan's Attraction Principle

Consider this approach, if you will, Million Dollar Consulting® Market Gravity on steroids. Here are three components vital to creating strong attraction to you, your offerings, your events, and your Accelerant Curve:

  1. Brand: Your brand—your uniform representation of excellence—must be well known and highly regarded. The ultimate brand, of course, is your name. (And it's not bad when it's a verb, as in "Let's FedEx the package" or "Let's Formica the table top" or "Please Xerox that.")
  2. Value: The value you offer must be manifest. The prospective buyers must be able to readily identify what's in it for them, how they will prosper, what their ROI will be.
  3. Relevance: The application of what you propose and represent must be germane for the buyer, so that the buyers understand that they, themselves, are appropriate and ideal for the help and improvement.

1) If you have a strong brand and high value but little relevance, you'll be IGNORED.

2) If you have a strong brand, high relevance, but little value, you'll be INFERIOR to others.

3) If you have high value and high relevance but not a strong brand, you'll be UNKNOWN.

The first situation means that there is no need.
The second means that there is no ROI.
The third means that there is no trust.

Only with all three factors in a strong position can you expect prospects to flock to you, reducing cost of acquisition, and making fees academic.

To develop your brand, shamelessly promote.
To develop your value, constantly build IP.
To create relevance, carefully identify your ideal buyer.


I began this newsletter to cover all the basics of the profession, for free, as a service to colleagues. I will continue to do that as we enter the fourth year. There has never been and will not be a charge for this monthly newsletter.

For those of you who would like more of an experiential approach and to accelerate learning and results, I'm offering a Professional Subscription. For just $75 I'll provide in addition:

  1. A quarterly teleconference expressly for Professional Subscription members, which will include Q&A and a free download within 48 hours.

  2. A quarterly video on implementation and methodologies. This will also be a free download.

The first two alone are worth between $200 and $400, and you'll receive 8 learning experiences which you can retain and replay whenever need. This will be all new material. That's less than $10 per video and audio!

Teleconference Schedule:
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Video Schedule:
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If you choose not to, the newsletter is still yours for free, of course. You can obtain the Professional Subscription level by using this site http://summitconsulting.com/million-dollar-consulting-mindset/special.php

Thank you.

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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset

Volume 4 Number 3

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