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Volume 4 Number 6
June 2014

Welcome to the fourth year of Million Dollar Consulting Mindset. Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life. As always, I'm happy to answer questions if you send them to me and specify they're for MDCM.

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Focusing on the Result

There was a debate recently on AlansForums.com about how best to exercise on the road. Some people advocated doing so before even unpacking so that the opportunity wasn't lost. Others suggested finding the local gym or using the hotel facilities, and choosing hotels based on that availability.

There were others who used IPhone apps, recordings, and all sorts of reminders and aids. Some suggested walking and only using stairs, never taking the elevator or escalator.

My observation is that all of these suggestions are based on inputs. The output is the goal of staying in good shape and controlling weight. That's the desired outcome, the reason for the various alternatives. Yet if we focused on the outcome, we can make our lives much easier.

I work out three times a week with a personal trainer, and never work out when traveling. I watch my food intake at all times in terms of what's best for me, but give myself a day off every week for variety. I'm in great shape and my weight is the best it's been since 2009, yet I certainly feel no need to run around the hotel six times and do bench presses with the furniture. I don't want to add more "jobs" to my travel schedule. I want to relax.

We can easily become obsessed with inputs, which we see among our clients and prospects all the time. They want a two-day "retreat," or a week of coaching, or a leader development institute. We're too quick to try to give them what they want—the input—without questioning what they want to achieve—the output.

Ask your buyer, "Why?" That will unearth the end results sought. (That's why you need to avoid HR—they focus solely on training and never care about the impact or ROI). Don't simply accept the arbitrary alternative described in the input. Find out what the real need is as expressed in an output.

And it's not a bad question to ask yourself when you're considering buying more technology, or doing more work for a client, or for that matter, trying to find a way to exercise on the road.

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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset

Volume 4 Number 6

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