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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset
From Alan Weiss

Volume 4 Number 8
August 2014

Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.

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Never Be Content with Success

I've spoken a great deal about success trumping perfection. That is, the search for perfection undermines excellence, because you are never satisfied until you achieve the unachieveable. Thus, the proposal never is submitted, the book never finished, the client project never happily concluded.

The next step is to never be satisfied with success. I don't mean that you should now seek perfection! I do mean that you might improve your condition by seeking still more success and refusing to simply be happy with your status.

I've had one book agent for a long time. He's excellent and I recommend him frequently. But I met by sheer chance another agent at a convention where I was speaking. She told me she was familiar with my work and would love to represent me. I told her I was working with a co-author on a new book idea. She explained how she'd sell the book for us in a very different manner.

We've decided to give her a try. I might well return some time to my other agent, but the new one might well place me with major publishers for which I've not worked, with even larger advance and greater promotion that I've previously received.

We often say to others (or ourselves),"Sorry, I don't need that, I'm already well taken care of." But we're not disloyal or unfaithful to anyone if we continue to investigate whether something else makes even more sense for us. That can apply to a restaurant, clothier, auto manufacturer, development experience, mastermind group, or just about anything else you purchase.

That's why I recommend three options in every proposal. The first one may satisfy the client, and would be "good enough" if it stood alone. But the comparisons offer more value and the opportunity to be more than content.

It's the opportunity to be delighted.

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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset

Volume 4 Number 8

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