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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset
From Alan Weiss

Volume 5 Number 1
January 2015

Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.

The Nature of the US and Global Economies

The US stock market surpassed 18,000 in December, after suffering prodigious losses one week and making incredible gains the next. Volatility is the new norm, but the overall thrust is upward. The third quarter of the US economy (the last one with final results) showed an annualized growth of 5%, the largest in a decade.

My guestimate is that the Federal Reserve will gradually raise interest rates, encouraging the large input of foreign investment, since there are so few places to earn interest globally. In addition, US housing is up, consumer purchases are up, the surveys show a firm growth in consumer confidence, and we will have a presidential election in less than two years which will bring fresh air to Washington. We've ended the Cuban impasse after half a century, and I believe China is growing weary of North Korea because they are publishing criticism in major government publications.

Almost everywhere else�from Japan to Iran, and from China to Australia�there will be growth and prosperity problems in 2015. The US will become what to the world what Germany is to the European Community, but on a far larger and more powerful basis.

Advice for Your Mindset

Your orientation should be one of prosperity and abundance, of investment and prudent risk, or optimism and celebration. You have to seal some watertight doors behind you, because recession-era thinking will sink you otherwise.

No economy will ever be perfect. We'll always have 5+% unemployment, because these are the chronically unemployed. We'll have people who don't feel they are in their "ideal" jobs, not because of the economy, and not because of conspiracies by Wall Street, but because the entire nature of jobs has been changing over the past decade to knowledge, service, and technological influences. (Just think about the implications of "tele-health" in the medical field.)

We'll all fortunate to be alive in these thrilling times. Don't allow yourself to look back in ten years and say, "Why didn't I act with more vigor and confidence?"

Start acting that way now.


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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset

Volume 5 Number 1

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