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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset
From Alan Weiss

Volume 5 Number 3
March 2015

Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.

Removing the Scarcity Mindset

I've helped a great many people become successful beyond their own aspirations. As measured by an objective observer, they are financially fit, healthy, bestowed with prospects, using time well, happy in their close relationships. However, they don't believe they are on the road to success.

They think they're on a detour from the road to failure.

When you have created income that sustains your desired lifestyle and enables you to save money, and you've shown you can do it consistently, you are far from lucky. You're skilled and talented. But what's required is that you understand intellectually and believe emotionally that this is true.

You need faith in yourself.

Many people "believe" in themselves. To me, that means that certain evidence and facts can be accepted as evidence of success that has occurred in the past (or even at the moment). But faith in yourself means that you accept the fact that you can perpetuate success in the future, despite changing times, despite unknowns, despite rejections.

"What got you here won't get you there" is a clever phrase from a brilliant coach, Marshall Goldsmith. But it can be dangerous if you believe that your past strengths, talents, and knowledge are not useful in the future. We don't have to continually forsake what we're good at, we simply need to continually grow and adapt.

It begins with what you think

You must change your own mindset from scarcity to abundance. You must recognize what you've used for success to date that will constantly be of value to you in the future. The best way I know to create nonstop success is to replicate those factors and conditions that caused success in the past.

Understand and become accustomed to these points:

  • Stop trying to determine how much money you can get from a client, and focus on how much you can help that client.
  • Understand that picking up a check will not bankrupt you or threaten the mortgage payment.
  • Be generous to yourself, which is the true test of abundance thinking.
  • Stop trying to "save money" and start focusing on how to improve the quality of your life and relationships.
  • Treat your success as attributable to talent, not luck.

The scarcity mindset will ruin your life, no matter how much money you generate. There are too many successful people who never really get to enjoy their success, only worry about it.

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Million Dollar Consulting® Mindset

Volume 5 Number 3

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