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Volume 7  Number 1   |   January 2017

Happy New Year!

Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding.

Happy New Year to you all, here's to health and happiness in the coming year!

New Year's Thoughts

We think we have 12 months ahead of us. We don't.

We have a lifetime ahead of us. We don't know for how long, but we do know it's very limited in the grand scheme of things.

Although we use an arbitrary calendar that works out to 12 months to a year, there's no reason to confine ourselves to it. After all, if you made solely $500,000 from July to December one year, and solely $500,000 from January to June the following year, you've actually had a 12-month period of one million dollars. Isn't that a million dollar year?

Perhaps as we move into 2017 we should look at things in both a longer term and with differing criteria.

Different Metrics

A million dollar mindset is a metaphor for abundance.  What do you want to accomplish overall, and what aspects of your aspirations belong in the nearer-term? If you were looking to find someone to marry, I doubt that you'd mark in your calendar to have it done by the end of first quarter. If you're looking to create business relationships, or brands, or new offerings, why restrict your failure or success metric to some arbitrary time frame?

I'm not suggesting that deadlines and their concomitant accountabilities are unworthy or irrelevant. But I am suggesting that December 31 isn't a very important guideline merely because it's a calendar year-end, nor March 31 because it's the end of first quarter. Some things you should do in an hour (change a value proposition), some things in a few months (write a book), and some things in a few years (become a philanthropist).

An architect by the name of Max Frisch said once that "Technology is just our way of organizing the universe so we don't have to understand it." Similarly, we  shouldn't organize our progress and speed around arbitrary time units meant only to accommodate revolutions around the sun.

It's not the travel around the star that's important, it's absorbing the heat and seeing the light.

© Alan Weiss 2017


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