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Volume 8  Number 1   |   January 2018

Looking Ahead

Take a look at my graph below:

Where is your career today? Where are the tasks and accountabilities that you face daily or regularly? Where are you spending your time?

I ask this of you because if we don't examine where we are and where we're going against our basic, potential happiness, the chances are that happiness and fulfilment will be accidental at best.

Someone told me once that they had "figured me out." They said that I had determined what I loved doing, became excellent at it, and then built my career around it, making money doing what I loved.

"How long did it take you to figure that out?" I asked, stunned that such a finding would surprise anyone.


This is the essence of a million dollar mindset. It's not a fixation on money, but rather on one's well-being. Every great doctor, attorney, designer, police officer, reporter, fire fighter, salesperson, and so on that I've met has been extremely happy most of the time. Sure, they face setback, pain, and suffering on occasion—aspects of the human condition.

But they also do what they love, work to become better and better (and masters) of what they do, and thereby retain the frame of mind that maximizes the ability to help others.

Never feel guilty or bad seeking your own fulfilment. It's the route to helping others seek theirs.


This is "already" the eighth year of this monthly newsletter. That's because I enjoy doing it and sharing it with anyone who's interested. If I weren't happy and skilled, it would be "work." It wouldn't last or it would last at the cost of my happiness.

Now is a great time to align yourself with that upper, left quadrant, applying your time and energy in this new year to your fulfilment and consequent contribution to those around you.

© Alan Weiss 2018

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