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Beyond Thought Leadership


Date: November 8-10, 2022
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Venue: Faena Hotel



Beyond Thought Leadership
Interviews with stars of the community

On November 8-10, 2022, in Miami, I’m hosting an exceptional and unique experience for people in my community. I’ll be interviewing six global, diverse people with whom I’ve worked for between three years and 15 (I don’t admit to more). 

Each will be interviewed separately in a kind of Socratic Dialogue to arrive at some consensus on what constitutes success in our professions. The basic operating question will be “Why are you successful and how do you measure success?” We’ll pursue that for about 90 minutes and include questions from the audience. The sessions will be interspersed with new IP from me based on contemporary societal, economic, and technological conditions, and the total program is 2.5 days.

The final morning will be that same interview with me conducted by Kim Wilkerson. Kim and all the people listed below are members of the Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame. They range from solo practitioners to boutique firm owners. The group includes people with extensive technological leverage and those without a web site.

The fee is $15,000 prior to March 1; $17,000 from March 1 to June 1; and $19,000 after that, if any seats remain. This is obviously a limited participation event, and I have no plans to repeat it. 


“The Headliners”

Andrew Hollo: From Melbourne, Andrew has an expertise in the alchemy of facilitating synergies to enable governments, non-profits, and private sector groups and interests to create breakthrough public value.

Alan Fortier: Based in my stomping grounds of New Jersey, but with three other homes, Alan is probably the most renowned expert in manufacturing cost savings in the world. His business is 100% referral.

Colleen Francis: From Ottawa, but also living in Miami, is THE expert in sales strategy and organization, with a global repute, and who not too long ago signed a $3 million dollar contract with a single client.

Rich Litvin: A Brit based in Los Angeles, Rich has created a vibrant community of high-level leaders who coach high-performing, high-fee clients. He’s the co-author of The Prosperous Coach—100,000 books sold.

Guido Quelle: From Dortmund, Guido has forged a unique boutique firm doing business at the highest levels in strategy and organizational effectiveness. He has in place a plan transferring some ownership to key employees.

Douglas Squirrel: Based in rural Kent in England, Squirrel consults with startups and small businesses worldwide on making their technology teams insanely profitable.

Kim Wilkerson: From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Kim is a master of questioning and insight, and an expert coach particularly in the medical profession. She co-authored with me The Language of Success.


Every one of these people, as did I, started with virtually nothing in terms of business or repute. The common patterns that emerge may just be the royal road for your own startling success.


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