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Deep Secrets


50 weekly sessions starting August 31, 2020


Deep Secrets

Would you like to know how to quickly determine which of only five categories of issues your buyer is concerned about, and provide clarity on the spot? There’s a process for doing that.

Or would it be important to be able to read The Wall Street Journal (or an equivalent publication) with relevant comprehension in just 20 minutes? There’s a technique for doing that. Would you like to write a 500-word article in 30 minutes instead of 30 days? Guess what, you can.

And how about language skills? Did you know that you can choose the correct pronoun in comparisons by simply finishing the incomplete sentence. (Example: She plays the piano better than I can play the piano.) Do you know that people use words such as “fulsome” and “reticent” incorrectly, and sound uneducated to sophisticated buyers? Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid that?

I’m offering “Deep Secrets” for business and personal improvement on a weekly basis, with a brief video containing my best business and interpersonal techniques, and a brief audio demonstrating the correct use of tricky language and how to sound (and BE) learned and sophisticated. (For example, “formidable” is pronounced FORM id able, not for MID able, among the learned. Comprise and composed should be used differently. Something is “composed of” but never “comprised of.” Something is different from another, not than another. The speaker or writer solely implies, the reader or listener solely infers.)

Seriously, wouldn’t it bring comfort to have methods at your command to control a conversation and speed up an endeavor, and also the language to conduct it? Effective language can reduce meetings, debates, negotiations, conflict, sales closing times, and so forth. Which means it increases happiness and decreased labor!

In less than ten minutes, once a week, I can make that happen. Subscribe for 50 sessions for $950. You’ll make it back 100 times over before we’re done.

Oh, and: I’ll host two Zoom sessions for you to demonstrate these techniques interactively and answer any questions you have, one 90 days after we begin, and another 90 days before we conclude.

Just one more thing: E=MC2

Effectiveness = Mastery times Confidence Squared

The deepest secrets are those that allow for leverage and powerful response in the moment. If you join Deep Secrets you’re eligible to participate in my special livestream E=MC2 on December 10 where I’ll demonstrate how to control any interaction in the moment, extemporaneously. That session will be $700 for the general public, but only $150 for you, added to the fees above.

Deep Secrets leading to Great Light.


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