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Getting Started in and Reenergizing Your Consulting Practice


Date: September 15 and 16, 2020
Time: 11AM-2PM EST



Getting Started in and Reenergizing Your Consulting Practice

Because of a sold-out house in Boston of 150+ people from five countries, and because I had such a great time, I’m offering this program for my colleagues on the West Coast and Pacific Rim. If you were with me in Boston, come again to LA because I always forget what I’ve done before and this will likely be new!

You have no excuse not to attend, use some frequent flyer points to travel if you must, and it’s cheaper than going to a movie and having dinner!

In this six-hour session—which you have my permission to record—You will develop skills to:

    • Build a brand quickly (or change or expand your current brand)
    • Invest in what you need for success and ignore the rest
    • Identify and exploit the three sources of business in each sale
    • Build and gain strength from a solid support system
    • Move to larger projects and less time intensity
    • Approach referrals in a new way (and gain short-term business
    • Master techniques for never having a cashflow problem
    • Master techniques to overcome fear and build esteem

You’ll be able to use the skills and methods I provide immediately and begin your return on investment immediately. That return, on $300, should be, what, about $10,000:1?

I’m giving you plenty of lead time.

I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of this “gift.” I’m not doing it again. It’s worth cancelling other appointments to be there!


*Note that at these prices I cannot provide refunds for any reason. I will provide a 100% credit for cancellations 30 days or more before the session, good for six months. Within 30 days the fee is forfeit, though you can transfer it to someone else if you notify me in advance of the session.


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