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London – General Session


November 29: General Session, 9 to 4.

There would be a limit of eight people.



London – General Session

I’ll be hosting a two-day, high-level discussion of likely business futures globally, financial considerations, global passive income, the new realities of sales, new approaches to strategy, and so forth. There would be a limit of eight people.

I’ll also conduct a full-day experience for a larger group, probably a limit of 30, for an entire day which will address new approaches to value based fees, the five essential short-term revenue generators, role playing difficult conversations, the advanced Accelerant Curve, and scaling the practice.

November 29: General Session, 9 to 4.

The fee for the more intimate session will be $12,000 and for the general session will be $900. Breakfast and lunch will be included, and one dinner for the smaller group.

My policy will be that if I’m prevented from appearing by government restrictions, health prohibitions, or men from Mars, I’ll refund all fees 100%. If you register and decide you can’t attend, you’ll have a full credit up to 45 days prior. After that, no credits, since I simply can’t afford that in terms of the learning dynamic. I’m happy to offer discounts if you have three or more people—please inquire.

I intend this as a vibrant way, in both the general and highly focused sessions, to plan for the No Normal® which I foresee and to both embrace and exploit the New Realities we’ll all be facing. And you will make peer-level relationships that will last a lifetime.

If not now, when? It’s time take a far more assertive approach to gaining control over our lives and our calling. My next book, at year-end, coauthored with former Naval Captain Gene Moran, is Million Dollar Influence. That’s where we’ll be sailing.


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