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Master Master Class


Date: March 21-23, 2023
Location: Newport, RI
Venue: Castle Hill



Master Master Class

I see things that others do not. That’s why I can put together immediate, in-the-moment responses that change the nature of the conversation and create huge leverage and influence. And that’s why I occupy a space others do not.

This inordinate influence is a combination of acute awareness of the environment and highly honed critical thinking skills.

Do you realize and act on these realities:

  • Most buyers create self-limiting beliefs.
  • Most conversations contain self-contradiction.
  • There are “pivot points” that can immediately transition a conversation but that are usually missed.
  • Distinctions and patterns emerge in every interaction and are the keys to closing business and to low-labor resolutions.
  • There are only four areas within which every buyer concern will reside.
  • Pointing out a falsehood, myth, or error on the spot immediately builds credibility and trust.
  • In the first 90 seconds you can reliably determine the buyer’s predispositions (and the buyer, often, can determine yours).
  • If you have a positive, intelligent buyer you should be able to provide a proposal that will be accepted within an hour of beginning the discussion.
  • Most of your time with prospects and clients is being wasted (by you).

In a one-time-only “Master Master Class” I’m going to demonstrate these and other skills, traits, and behaviors and then allow you to practice them with detailed feedback and recording. You will achieve “breakout” status with the mastery of even a few of these techniques. 

When you say to a buyer, “What you just explained isn’t really the issue….” and then provide a totally new view, you are in control of the conversation and your own future. 

Join me on March 21-23 (2.5 days) at Castle Hill in Newport, RI or by remote means during the program. This is a one-time only opportunity, and may be the best opportunity I’ve ever offered. It will be recorded and distributed. Remote attendees can ask questions in real time (although your time may be the middle of the night!). 

The fee is $5,000 until December 15, $6,000 thereafter. All of my cards are also accepted. If you buy a Bentley Card in conjunction with the event, I’ll take 10% off the card fee. 

If I can’t deliver the program for any reason, there will be 100% refunds and credits. Participant cancellation up to Dec. 31 will be at 50%, no cancellations or credits thereafter. Limited participation both in person and remotely.

This experience will change your business and your life. For those of you who appreciate such things and sign up early, I’ll see you there.


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