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Personal Power and Success


An 8-session developmental experience over 8 consecutive weeks, starting in early November.



Personal Power and Success

This will be an 8-session developmental experience over 8 consecutive weeks at a common time on the same day each week for one hour. This will be a limited group, and the sessions will be recorded. We will use Zoom technology.

There will be an overall focus and individual focus. My overall theme will be on gaining personal power, with an emphasis on building esteem, exhibiting enthusiasm, and becoming an object of interest under any conditions. The preponderance of people I coach make intellectual arguments, not emotional appeals, and don’t apply enough energy or enthusiasm.

The individual emphasis will be on concerns you raise and which you and your colleagues can learn from. There will be the opportunity to join together in pairs or small groups between sessions and after the experience is completed to continue the momentum.

The program will begin in early November. I’ll establish the exact days and time from the early registrants, trying to accommodate international time zones, so it helps to enroll early, since I’m also offering a discount for early enrollment.

So join me and a small group for regular discussions, growth, and accountability for improvement.


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