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The Martial Arts of Language


Dates: July 21-22



The Martial Arts of Language

Spend two virtual (Zoom) mornings with me learning how to influence every discussion in your favor, how to reframe objections into opportunities, how to use humor, how to “stay in the moment,” and how to never be intimidated.

Language controls discussion.

Discussions control relationships.

Relationships control business.

You’ll bring your toughest discussion topics and scenarios and we’ll role play them until you can’t wait for the next opportunity for point, set, match. 

Language effectiveness is like the martial arts—you use the other person’s momentum to gain the advantage. This isn’t a gift but rather a set of skills that you can learn, practice, and apply.

I’ll demonstrate this with every person in the “room,” the session will be recorded for future reference, and every participant receives a copy of my 44-page ebook, The Martial Arts of Language.

Learn how to quickly use examples, metaphors, and analogies to gain the conversational edge. Learn how to ask rhetorical questions that allow you to provide your own answers. No matter how formal or informal the circumstances, no matter how large the office or the number of people present, no matter how much the perceived resistance: I will demonstrate and you will practice and master how to control every conversation with powerful and persuasive language. 

There will be modest preparation work, a break every hour, and a homework assignment. We will work together from 9 am eastern time to approximately noon on both mornings. Bring your own coffee.

Don’t wait. Business awaits.


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