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How to Change the Life You Have


This is a novel, full year offering to initiate and sustain the life changes important to you.

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How to Change the Life You Have

Into the Life You Want

This is a novel, full year offering to initiate and sustain the life changes important to you. I’ve begun this endeavor because of special requests from people in my community to help them with a holistic approach to their lives, careers, and relationships.

All of my other paid, monthly subscription offers have ended, and I’m focusing solely on this.

On the 1st and 15th of the month, beginning November 1, you will receive a video download of approximately 15 minutes. That’s six hours of programming over the year, approximately a full day of my usual workshops (9-4) which cost thousands of dollars to attend.

The segments will included diverse formats:

  • Interviews
  • Live coaching on camera
  • Self-tests and analysis
  • “Assignments” for the next session
  • Practical aids and techniques
  • New intellectual property I’ve created
  • Feedback from viewers

This will be an unprecedented, unique, fascinating, and engrossing way to change your life.

And there is a unique option that allows you to join me for an entire day in Boston midway through this series, where we can reinforce progress and anticipate what is yet to come. You will qualify for emails and one phone call a month with me on the series topics, a day in Boston, a recording of the day, and, if you’re fast, a free book.

The intent is to help you:

  • Take control of every day in your favor
  • Eliminate “overwhelm”
  • Eradicate feelings of powerlessness
  • Focus time use and priorities to your benefit
  • Engage in “healthy selfishness”
  • Recruit supports instead of energy suckers

The segments will be oriented around these topics (but may change somewhat as we progress):

  1. Establishing what success looks like for you
  2. Healthy selfishness as a philosophy
  3. Changing your priorities and maintaining them
  4. Claiming the right of personal time
  5. Meditating out loud
  6. Living without guilt
  7. Taming irrational fears
  8. Confronting non-optimal relationships
  9. Intelligent financial philosophy
  10. Increasing your personal speed
  11. Creating the image that isn’t yet in the mirror
  12. How to respond to anyone, convince, and charm
  13. Cultivating fascinating friends
  14. Organized intellectual growth
  15. Developing humor and employing it successfully
  16. Compromise, consensus, and conquest
  17. “Oops, I blew it” (and how to recover)
  18. Self-therapy
  19. The fallacy of overwhelm and insufficient time
  20. Going into the closet and looking under the bed
  21. Purging the underminers
  22. The victory mantra
  23. Creating your ongoing support system
  24. Sustaining The New You

You will retain all episodes. You can watch these on a time-shifted basis, at your leisure. And you can watch them with a spouse, significant other, or family members.

The special day with me will be April 6 in Boston. All the registration details are below, including this incredible option. Remember, my workshops are always a minimum of $1,000 per day. And lunch is included!

Fees: $495

And for $99 you will also be entitled to send me emails for advice about the series during the year and talk with me on the phone once a month on the current subject matter of the series. We will also make a free conference recording for those who attend and those who pay the fee but cannot attend.

So, if you want to also receive the ability to send me emails and call once a month on series topics, attend the event for a full day in Boston, and receive a free recording of the day, your investment is:


What are you waiting for? It doesn’t get much better than this!

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Just the Workshop, Workshop plus Email & Phone Support


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