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Volume 9  Number 6   |  June 2019

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What are you doing to enrich your life? Simply existing each day, the way you did yesterday, is insufficient. And it’s not a matter of what you’re “making,” it’s a matter of what you’re contributing.

The symbiotic life

You don’t have a personal life and a professional life, you simply have a life. All aspects of your life contribute to all others, you life is not (or should not be) compartmentalized. What you learn on a vacation about other countries and people is useful in your work, and the way in which you help clients create positive change is effective in your relationships.

I’ve found that people with musical dexterity are able to improvise as they play, and that improvisation is important in the buyer’s office, as well. When you’re able to deftly facilitate client meetings which include conflicting interests, you’re also a strong candidate to do that at your club, or for the local kids’ sports league, or for the school board.

Growth as a constant

This learning and application has to grow and improve for all of us all the time. I’ve never understood people who take the same vacation to the same place every year, and never go anywhere else. (There’s nothing mutually-exclusive about revisiting places and also trying new ones.) If you only dine out once a week, why the same meal in the same restaurant every time?

Enrichment is about deliberately expanding our experiences and rewarding ourselves with the resultant growth. This requires time and investment which should be planned and sacrosanct. You should never sacrifice development for some client or family demand which can easily be rescheduled. As adults we all deal with far too much self-imposed guilt.


Try to make each day somewhat different. Growth comes in new experiences, in challenges, in innovation, in new relationships. It often requires some (quite tolerable) risk, if you tuck your ego away.

Don’t sit around proud that you’ve taken advantage of some enrichment opportunity that drifted by!

Create your own.

© Alan Weiss 2019

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