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Volume 9  Number 7   |  July 2019

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Investing in Yourself

We all have to make investments in our future success. It’s silly to sit by the phone and wait for it to ring, but it’s deranged to do that when you’ve refused to buy a phone.

Prudent Investments

We need to travel to see prospects. Unless you want to be the “neighborhood consultant” and never leave your city (which is difficult even in very large cities) you can’t expect a lead or a prospect to pay your expenses to make a sales call.

We need to look professional, and wear clothing and accessories which fit us well and demonstrate success and self-awareness.

We need to have professional communications and interactions: materials, website, blog, newsletters, video, podcasts, teleconferences, livestreaming, visuals, webinars, web presence. We can’t shoot everything on a smart phone or simply try to use WordPress or other generic software.

We need to develop ourselves, not with meaningless certificates granted by arbitrary groups providing initials after your name, but by attending events which provide strong skills improvement, networking with successful colleagues, and coaching with world class experts.

Psychic Energy

Our mindsets have to be positive and realistic. Walking on hot coals is beyond stupid. Walking into a buyer’s office well prepared is beyond doubt the way to acquire business.

We need to tell ourselves and remind ourselves of our good works. To look at your track record and the empirical evidence of our success. Our “pep talk” every morning has to be about what we want to accomplish that day, both personally and professionally. And our “summary” every evening should focus on what we’ve accomplished, who we’ve helped, and how to build on it.


The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. There is no better ROI. But you don’t just drive by a bank and wish for monetary returns, nor throw money in the air and hope more comes down than went up. You need to make wise investment decisions.

That applies to you and your talents more than it does your money. You can always make more money, but you can’t make another minute.

© Alan Weiss 2019

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