Volume 10 Number 5 |MAY 2020


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I’ve been coaching a great many people during this crisis and thousands during my 30+-year career. Whether times are tough or easy, I recommend the exact same technique for short-term business and cash: Call everyone you know.

There are remarkable variances in the application. One person to whom I recommended this at the rate of 2-3 calls per day actually called 50 people in one week! He reported that about a dozen indicated significant enough interest to set up a virtual meeting, and one had engaged him for additional business on the spot, during the call.

Another called no one. She never “got around to it.” She didn’t make time while sitting at home all week and traveling nowhere. I’m not claiming that high numbers will bring such results, but I do promise you that if you don’t call anyone you will get no business at all.

Fear of Phone

The primary reason people don’t reach out by phone (or Zoom or Skype or any equivalent) is that they are afraid of rejection; afraid that they’ll be seen as “selling” during tough times, which is unethical to them; that they’re “intruding” on busy people.

The first problem with all of this, of course, is mindset: The belief that you’re selling and not providing value. If you’re providing value and trying to help people, how is that possibly an intrusion of any kind?

The second problem is one of self-worth. If someone says that they can’t use your help, it’s not personal. It’s not a rejection of you as a human. (And it’s probably because you haven’t established sufficient importance or urgency because of the first problem above.)

Thirdly, there’s procrastination, putting it off for a “better” time. But procrastination is rooted in fear, so is the result of the two reasons above.

How to Heal Yourself

Think back to someone who’s offered you help for which you gladly paid. That includes a doctor, or a dentist, an accountant or an attorney. It could be a mentor or a coach. It might be someone who advised you on careers or hobbies or vacation spots.

Did you find them intrusive or inappropriate? There are annoying sales people, but there are seldom annoying help providers! It’s a question of how you position yourself, and your positioning is a matter of how you view your value.

Are you selling something people don’t need? Are you merely pursuing money?

Or are you offering help in a vital area and expecting equitable compensation for your value?

Whether you make that call depends on how you make up your mind.

90-Day Coaching

I’ll share best practices and help you with both professional and personal issues with a weekly call and unrestricted email. This is not a regular offering of mine, it’s intended to help you not just weather the storm but to find sunny skies, and to be part of your support system. Obviously, I have limited slots, write me at [email protected] to sign up: $2,500. 

Remote Sentient Strategy Training


I’ve created a simplified, one-day approach to setting strategy for small and medium-sized businesses and for divisions of larger businesses. A dozen people have been certified, and two have already launched the program, which is applicable for both non- and for-profits. It can be delivered remotely to clients, ideal in these times, and in person after these times return to normal. I’m holding a virtual training program for certification via Zoom. Write me for details: [email protected].

Reduced Growth Access Fee

My Growth Access platform, with well over $100,000 worth of my audio, video, workshops, texts, models, IP and so forth has been available for $5,000 for lifetime access, and I add something monthly expressly created for the platform. I’m offering it to you now for $3,500 because a great many people need these resources to sustain their businesses, and there is now time to thoroughly mine the huge content. Simply go here, ignore the actual fee, you’ll only be billed $3,500. I am honoring this reduced fee until May 2nd, midnight EST.

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