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“The finest entrepreneurial coach in the world.”

~ Marshall Goldsmith

Alan Weiss, PhD Author Consultant Speaker Circles

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"Thank you for another year of outstanding journalism in the production of your Monday Morning Memo. Truly an important work in providing thoughtful and provocative insights into current and past events that are occurring or have historically occurred around the world. I have been blessed and enlightened by its contents!"

Jerry Cooper

"Please consider running for President though you’d have to be a bit mad I’m afraid! Always love reading your work but this was Pinnacle “Weiss-dom” (bad play on wisdom) along with your piece earlier this year about age and turning 77. Your words are part of my mental recovery process from a bout with cancer earlier this year. Turned out to be one of the best gifts I could have gotten (perspective on preciousness of life), though I prefer to not repeat it anytime soon! Amor Fati as the Stoics like to say."

Tim Howes

"Amen. From your lips to God's ears."

Mike Regan

"It is a relief to hear this good sense coming from today’s America!"

Antoine Henry de Frahan (Belgium)

"You’re already firing on all cylinders and most people haven’t even gotten the confetti out of their hair yet. Great memo!"

Doug Schobel

Did you know that there are three kinds of innovation: opportunistic, conformist, and non-conformist?

Or that value based fees are easy to introduce? Or that advisory work can provide unlimited numbers of clients?

Did you realize that you can build self-esteem by generalizing positive experiences and narrowing negative experiences? Or that there are five types of marketing to bring in additional business and revenues? Or that TDTC (total days to cash) is as important as your fees?

You’ll find hundreds of techniques like these in the 14 unique modules of Million Dollar Consulting® for the World, with videos from me and your own global colleagues applying these concepts, slides, text, and much more. There are no “upsells.”

There is simply the advice you’ll need to launch or accelerate your business to new heights.

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