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Side by Side by Side Where Else Can You Talk Like This?

What It is

The members of two of my oldest and most successful Growth Cycles have independently told me that my facilitated sessions with them are about the only place—in person and/or remotely—where they have the kind of discussions we have about business, politics, family, finance, religion, relationships, technology, social mores, and the economy.

In other words, we’re talking about life and legacy with peers and people we respect. 

I’ve decided to try to create a modern salon (or, for those of you who are interested in a history of the arts, an Algonquin Round Table). Historically, the salon was an informal education for women, where they were able to exchange ideas, receive and give criticism, read their own works and hear the works and ideas of other intellectuals.

This will be a salon for entrepreneurs of all kinds—inclusive  and innovative.

How It Works

There will be two versions:

  1. Monthly meetings for a year by Zoom for 60-90 minutes with a consistent membership of the same 7-10 people, with two, optional in-person meetings over the year at sites determined by the group. 
  2. Quarterly meetings for a year by Zoom for 90-120 minutes with a consistent membership of the same 7-10 people, with one optional in-person meeting during the year at a site determined by the group.

What I can promise, from my experience with such sessions, are invigorating discussions, great learning which can be immediately utilized in our lives and work, and long-lived relationships among group members far beyond the meetings themselves.

The Investment

There is no charge for the in person meetings but expenses are the responsibility of the members. All meetings will be recorded and distributed to members. At every meeting I’ll be introducing intellectual property and provocative challenges as well.

I will launch groups once I have a minimum of seven people and we’ll create convenient times and dates to accommodate any differing time zones and other variables.

Social Proof

"I have been able to change and adapt my offerings and business model, by modeling what Alan does. It has totally changed my business and life. After I visited Alan at his home for my first immersion, and again for a two day offering at his place, I made the change of setting up a "retreat" environment at my home (first in CT, and now in NOLA) where clients come to me. That radically changed how I was able to scale without getting on an airplane. Alan's concept of mixing clients and prospects is also powerful, and I continually look for ways to "integrate" that. His community building is truly ground breaking, and I continue to look for ways to implement and build on that in my own world. I have created offerings based on experiencing what Alan does. With Alan you can actually experience it, which is hard to say with 99.9% of other experts."

Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott Consulting, New Orleans, LA

"“I find that Alan's worldview is more comprehensive than others (he doesn't just talk about consulting, he talks about being a consultant, and even about living well as a consultant), the access we have to Alan means that he is a flesh-and-blood role model (as opposed to someone who I've experienced via their book, or I've seen on stage, or in a workshop or video), the interactive nature of access to Alan means it's real-time, situational learning (not someone's methodology that I then have to adapt or translate to my circumstances) and, lastly, the communities that Alan creates means that I have a universe of support around me (as opposed to a single perspective, or a unitary 'truth').”"

Andrew Hollo

CEO, Workwell Consulting, Sydney, Australia