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Specialized Consulting and

Growth for Boutique

Consulting Firms

Alan Weiss offers dramatic growth opportunities to boutique consulting firms. He has worked extensively with professional services firms internationally to boost top line growth and maximize margins through his proprietary approaches to Marketing Gravity™ and Value Based Fees.

Whether it’s coaching the principals, reorienting business acquisition, changing fee structures, or redesigning the entire engagement and delivery model, he has become famous for his Million Dollar Consulting® Profit Maximization.

This video shows a 20-minute interview Alan conducted on the main stage of a major accounting convention in Australia, where he was asked for the third time to fly halfway around the world to help improve business acquisition and fee practices for the same group of hundreds of business owners. You’ll see how and why an owner’s accounting firm was turned around from an apparently inevitable bankruptcy to a thriving firm providing tremendous rewards for its owner and productive jobs for employees.

Among Alan’s many boutique professional services firm clients:

  • Australian Financial Planners Association
  • Australian Legal Professional Management Association
  • Bates Communications
  • Cabot Advisory Group
  • Cambridge-Pharma Consultants (US and UK)
  • CB Software
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • Clarkston Consulting
  • FTI Consulting
  • Goldmine Software
  • Interchanges.com
  • Linkage
  • Ken Clark International
  • MA Partners
  • Mandat GbH (Germany)
  • Open Navigators (Sweden)
  • PI Worldwide
  • Rob Nixon Group (Australia)
  • RSM McGladrey
  • Silicon Space
  • Solution Providers (Switzerland)
  • Solving International (France)
  • Tranzact Systems
  • Ward Howell Executive Search
  • Zenger Miller

….and for these larger firms:

  • Anderson
  • Deloitte
  • Hewlett-Packard Consulting
  • KPMG Peat Markwick
  • Price Waterhouse

Alan offers a choice of three relationships to create a range of improvement for professional services firms, from fine-tuning to profound change:

1. Trusted Advisor to Principals (The Sounding Board)

The top people in the firm confer with Alan on strategies for growth and the tactics to achieve it. This relationship includes unlimited access in addition to on-site, personal work.

2. Strategic Redirection (The Game Changer)

Alan will implement his proprietary approaches to client acquisition, value based fees, marketing attraction, dynamic referrals, and other formalized development for the entire organization (or a critical mass thereof). This will create high-margin business by lowering costs of acquisition as the firm’s profile is raised and fee bases are radically altered. This approach includes formal workshops, role-plays, application to existing clients and prospects, ongoing coaching of front-line and support staff, and appropriate strategic shifts.

3. Strategic Reinvention (The Rebirth)

In this case, we create new brands, new marketing avenues, examine and change staffing and organization as needed, create new referral networks, establish client communities, identify and implement required technology changes, and engender continuing renewal though leadership vested in the firm and its principals. (This option includes membership in the Summit Global Network, a dynamic group of invitation-only firms which assist each other with leads, resources, ideas, intellectual property, and the reality of a global presence to assist in the marketing and acquisition of clients.)

Alan Weiss has written more books on consulting than any other single author in history. At any given time, five of his books are in Amazon’s top 25 for consulting, and 15 in the top hundred. Million Dollar Consulting is in its fourth edition, first published in 1992.

No one else has served as a “consultant to consultants” in so many diverse roles and locations as has he. And he has personally consulted with organizations which include The Federal Reserve, Merck, Hewlett-Packard, British Standards Institute, JPMorgan/Chase, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Bank of America, State Street Bank, Allianz Insurance, American Press Institute, American Institute of Architects, HBO, McGraw-Hill, GE, Gillette, Textron, New York Times, and over 300 other private and public firms globally

For further information, contact Alan