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Why is it?

This is an extracurricular experience I’m offering to community members and people who follow my work.

In my coaching career I’ve worked with clients to overcome the intricate and overlapping issues that affect careers and business success. This has included self-esteem, relationships, financial management, image, fear, guilt, depression, and a variety of perceived weaknesses, “baggage,” and inadequacies. It’s also included how to adjust to, and take advantage of, success.

I’ve also determined that many such issues, which undermine happiness and curtail success, pursue even those who earn large amounts of money and, therefore, they “soldier on,” not facing and trying to resolve these issues

What is it?

I’m not a clinician and have never claimed to be. But what has made me, perhaps, the finest entrepreneurial and solo practitioner coach in the world is my capacity to observe the human condition and find individualized, highly effective methods to improve it.

I’m offering The Den, which is a 60-day program to receive help on an intimate, confidential basis. Your name will never be disclosed to anyone. We will “meet” by Zoom, Skype, or phone every week for 45 minutes at a mutually-convenient time. If you so desire, your spouse or life partner is welcome to participate. We may resolve the issues that are impacting your progress, partially resolve them, or not resolve them at all. I make no guarantees except to make an earnest and focused effort to be of help. The overwhelming number of people I’ve worked with who have wanted to be helped have been substantially helped.

Marshall Goldsmith and I, in our collaborations, have come from different origins to the same conclusions: If you can’t change something you want to change in 30 days you need professional help to do so, whether cleaning out your garage or clearing out your head.

How is it?

The fee is $4,500

Because this is not part of my normal offerings this is not included in any of my card programs, I’m sorry. I believe that participants need to have an investment in this specific endeavor in the moment. And I want to work only with people who sincerely want to be helped and are willing to make a modest investment to be helped. There is no extra fee if partners participate.

Duration: Sixty days, meeting once a week (phone, Skype, Zoom) for 45 minutes at times we agree on for each session. You may postpone dates and we can extend the overall 60 days if required, but not past 90 days, unless I’m the cause of the delay.

Admission to the experience: Those interested may call or write me with specific questions about the program to decide on the applicability for them. This discussion and all subsequent conversations about applicability, whether or not you enter the program, will be confidential.

When is it?

It’s now. If you need the help, can you really afford to wait?
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Phone1 (800) 766-7935 (private line and voice mail)