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"I found out about him(Alan) when he was a guest on Noah Kagan’s podcast. When he hosted a 2-day conference on growing a consulting business in NYC, I had to go. I paid $6,500 + my travel and accommodation. That’s about $6,480 more than I’ve ever paid for an event or learning. It was worth every penny and more. He was able to convince me that I could build a successful consulting business without employees while generating more revenue and having less stress. It was a 2-day workshop and the first day, I was following along, but I’m not going to lie, I was a little lost and almost didn’t believe him. I couldn’t possibly figure out how to employ his “rich, solo practitioner, increased revenue, and enjoying your life” approach. I think it was the last few hours of the workshop of the second day, that I really came around to it. Now, that sounds like a pipe dream. But, shit, his teaching worked. I took action items on a few things, and I’ve seen a significant impact on my business and life. I HIGHLY recommend him. "

Robbie Abed

Executive Ghostwriter, Marketer, Author and Contributing Writer for Inc Magazine

"I’m writing to say that when I heard your interview with Noah Kagan on Saturday, I was blown away and immediately stopped hiking and began taking notes. I Googled you on the way home (at red stoplights, I’m not an idiot), bought one of your books when I got home and have devoured every word. I’m a NY Times bestselling author turned publisher who’s been studying business and marketing for years but have found what I’ve learned from you (in just a few hours) more useful than what I’ve learned over the past few years. So thank you, sincerely, for that."

Anna David

"Alan,I just wanted to say thank you for all the good stuff you put into the world. I receive close to 100 newsletters on some random rotation on various subjects, and I can honestly say that yours are all by far the most likely to make me think or more appropriately RE-think my position. And you achieve this feat on a consistent basis. Additionally, your books are part of a very short selection that I return to time and time again. Your Million Dollar Consulting book is probably my most gifted book of any book regardless of the person’s trade. So many gems for so many applications. So, thank you for all you do."

Ashby Daniels

"After generating more than $60,000 alone on Alan’s ideas, returning for another six months was an easy decision. And I’ll be back for a third time, soon!"

Vickie Sullivan

Sullivan Speaker Services

"Alan helped me to shift my perception of the value I provide to clients and change my business model to boost my firm’s profitability. He’s very smart and quick, with a well-developed flair for marketing and promotion. He’s been an enormous resource, and the value created far exceeds the fees paid and time invested. I’ve re-enrolled in the program."

Nick Miller

Clarity Advantage Corp.

"Alan helped me increase my revenue by 40%, just two-thirds of the way through our time together. We corresponded by e-mail from all over the world with great efficiency."

Ione Dean

Ione Dean Consulting Group

"Alan Weiss always exceeds our expectations. Our association with Summit Consulting Group provides excellent returns on our consulting investment."

Mary J. Haymore

Allergan, Inc.

"The Innovation Formula offers a rational, sensible approach that can help any organization become more comfortable with change, and more important, to profit from it."

Robert D. Kennedy

Union Carbide

"You certainly helped us rekindle our planning effort-our sessions were invaluable to the entire staff. You’ve helped to make our organization a stronger and more humane one."

Ruth S. Walters

Office of Business Permits and Regulatory Assistance State of New York

"Your presentation skills are among the best I’ve ever seen here. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship."

Pat Scott

General Electric

"Alan Weiss is a phenomenal speaker. It was our best-ever program with a large advance registration-too large for the facility."

John J. Gibson

Central Illinois Employers Association

"On a scale of 1-10, our participants gave you an overall rating of 9.7, which is simply outstanding. Your keynote speech helped make the conference a success, and made us all look good with the members."

Jack Morrell

Credit Union League of Massachusetts

"We consider Summit Consulting Group one of the first to contact when we need, or choose to use, external consulting services. We have had a long relationship dealing with a variety of issues and activities for over a decade."

Arthur F. Strohmer, Jr.

Merck & Co., Inc.

"Talk about return on investment. I felt I got my tuition back from the preparation work alone. My change in presentation for two new clients provided a fee more in line with the value I was delivering, and covered the entire college investment. In addition, the College allowed me to dramatically change my business model."

Gary Patterson

Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduate

"A fabulous five days…filed with unlimited hard-driving, highly actionable, highly valued outcomes. Your intense focus on the growth of my practice, which began with your ‘Good morning, Joe’ on the first day, was so personally empowering. Your five-day college will bring to me a lifetime of measurable growth. Thank you so much!"

Joe White

Million Dollar Consulting® College Graduate