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Quality, Speed, and Style in Self-Published Works

I’ve self-published the hardcover books Thrive and Alan Weiss on Consulting, as well as soft-cover books such as The Great Big Book of Process Visuals and Breaking Through Writer’s Block.

Although I advocate commercial publishing for credibility, many people have smaller markets which commercial publishers won’t touch, or have been unsuccessful with commercial publishers and/or agents. Like the acting business, commercial publishing is too often about timing, personalities, and luck.

There are far too many vanity press offerings and self-publishing “experts” who are doing so simply to make money. I’ve published over 50 commercial books in 15 languages, and my expertise is in communities of entrepreneurial people who dramatically grow their businesses and improve their lives.

I’ve had the opportunity to develop relationships through all of this with superb book managers. Some of you attended my sold-out publishing workshop in Washington which featured one such professional.

For the first time, I’m offering a service to take your manuscript and create a soft cover or hard cover book, with options based on your needs for everything from proofing through tailored web support page and video (see samples below). You can choose what you need. The result will be your intellectual property in a book you can be proud of.

Here are the options:

  1. A completed manuscript is put in proper formatting, including your provided art work, printing estimates are provided, and the author selects one and then deals with the printer separately.
  2. In addition to 1, proofing is provided, graphics are upgraded and improved as necessary, cover art and jacket copy are provided/suggested, and liaison with the selected printer is provided.
  1. In addition to 1 and 2, we provide formatting improvement, indexing, font selection, ISBN number, promotional copy, choice of cover designs, conversion to ebook, presence on my “Additional Resources” site, and negotiate the printing costs for you.
  2. Additional service: WordPress site expressly for the book which will be set up but which the author can make easy changes and additions to over time, independently; audio and video professional voiceovers and video trailers for YouTube, your site, blog, and elsewhere.


$5,500 for Basic Book, #1
$8,500 for Support Management, #2
$12,000 for Comprehensive Production, #3
$15,000 in addition to above fees. (With option 3, total package for $25,000.), #4

Feel free to call or write for a brief discussion as to your particular needs and best options, or simply sign up below.

Our projected time, based on your choices, is 90-120 days from acceptance to delivered final work if you meet the deadlines required.

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NOTE: Writing services are NOT included in this offer for the content of the manuscript. Ask about this if needed in addition to the above services. Length of book is not a determinant in the options, but will be a variable in printing costs.