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Alan Weiss will license in perpetuity the rights to existing Million Dollar Consulting® workshops, print materials, collateral, and intellectual property within the country or geographic area delineated. Marketing, sales, and delivery may not be made outside of such an area without Alan Weiss’s express written permission obtained in advance of such activities, except for the case of a client within the geography requesting such work outside of the area exclusively for the client organization.

Rights to the following are included:

  • Million Dollar Consulting® College
  • Million Dollar Consulting® College Grad School
  • $0-$300K Workshop
  • Six Figures to Seven Workshop
  • Self-Esteem Workshop
  • Language of the Sale Workshop
  • Branding Workshop
  • Best Practices Workshop
  • Going for the Close Workshop
  • The Strategist Workshop
  • The Coach Workshop
  • The Book Publishing Workshop
  • Sales of all books, audio, and video products which can be purchased at a 40% discount from me
  • The use of my personally-developed approaches and methodology to organizational consulting, coaching, facilitation, program design, and training

Rights to the following can be included in the enhanced option:

  • All workshops I create subsequent to our agreement, in perpetuity
  • All products I create subsequent to our workshop, in perpetuity

Any translation expenses are borne by the franchisee. I agree to provide digital master copies (or hard copy where appropriate) of all programs and products.

Additionally, I will:

  • Promote you as the exclusive licensee in your market on my web site, blog, and mailings
  • Invite you to contribute brief interviews and content to my future books
  • Make up to two personal appearances of two days each in your market at no fee, (but with first class travel and accommodations borne by the franchisee)
  • Provide you with any corrections and amendments that we discover which should update or alter any materials covered in this agreement
  • Provide a video testimonial on your web site
  • Use my global marketing platform to help you develop business, attract talent, and gain publicity in your market
  • Grant you additional franchises in other markets under these same terms if you justify the decision to do so through your success with current markets
  • Invite you attend as a participant any scheduled workshop or event at no charge to learn and understand the method of delivery
  • Train you and up to three other people in the conduct of the workshops, in my marketing techniques, in my methodology, and in all matters related to the selling and delivery of these products and services, at times of mutual choosing, in the U.S.

You will:

  • Always display and honor my copyright on all materials
  • Never add, alter, or otherwise amend my intellectual property without my express written permission
  • Comply with an ethics and quality agreement and suffer the consequence of losing your franchise, without reimbursement, if you violate ethical and quality standards
  • Not extend, sell, or convey this agreement to any other party without express approval and compensation provided to me

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