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One of my long-term plans was to license my intellectual property, and I’m now in a position to do so, because there is a critical mass of programming and a critical mass of eligible, potential licensees. My intent is to teach personally only new programs and a couple of favorites, and allow others to teach the rest.

There is so much content that someone could make a nice living doing nothing else but teaching these programs, although that’s not my intent. I think the programming provides for serious income and serious impact for those so inclined.

I am entertaining applications to present my intellectual property in pre-configured programs starting in 2013. (The programs are listed below. The content I will provide will include:

  • Program outline
  • Slides, handouts, and any other aids used in the original programming

Marketing in support of your effort, including:

  • My newsletter
  • My website
  • My blog
  • My video testimonial
  • My store
  • My promotional lists
  • My administrative support and handling of participants

I will not provide:

  • Translation or reimbursement for translation
  • Personal appearances
  • Refunds of any kind to participants once a program is a “go”
  • NOTE: All monies will be held in escrow until minimum participation is achieved

The qualifications to be accepted include:

  • Participation in the Mentor Program
  • Experience in stand-up, classroom training
  • Submission of a personal marketing plan

Eligible programs:

  • Almost Free Workshop
  • Art of the Referral
  • Best Practices in Consulting
  • Breakfast Breakfast
  • Change Management Workshop
  • Common Sense Consulting
  • Facilitation Workshop
  • Framed
  • From Six Figures to Seven
  • How to Publish A Book
  • Implementation Workshop
  • Sealing the Deal
  • How to Market Your Book
  • Self-Esteem
  • Shameless Promotion
  • Super Language
  • The Art and Science of Process Visuals
  • The Coach
  • The Resolve Event
  • The Strategist
  • The Time of Your Life
  • The Write Stuff
  • Thrive
  • Workshop Workshop
  • Zero to $300,000

Option 1

For a one-time fee of $5,000, I will train you in up to two of these programs and retain 25% of revenues. This will include any new programs I create within the two.
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Option 2

For a one-time fee of $25,000, I will train you in up to 10 of these programs and retain 16% of revenues. This will include any new programs I create within the 10.
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Option 3

For a one-time fee of $50,000 (which can be paid in installments) I will train you in as many programs as you wish, including all new ones I create, and retain 8% of revenues.
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Please call me (800/766-7935 or 401/884-2778) or write me at [email protected] to discuss details and your situation.