Volume 10 Number 9 |SEPTEMBER 2020


Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.

Move. Now.

It’s been six months since pandemic restrictions were introduced and are still in place in varying degrees. You should now realize that this may last another six weeks or another six months before it subsides, or a vaccine is introduced, or rapid testing permits more selective restrictions.

Organizations such as Revlon, FedEx, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, and a host of others were created during recession, depression, illness, global strife, and ambiguity. The world doesn’t stop, and smart, talented, assertive people don’t stop.

Because when you stop, you die.

Death Rates

We track the medical death rates quite carefully, but we don’t track the economic death rates nearly as well. Too many people have gone through their life savings. Too many entrepreneurs and small businesses have exhausted their reserves allowing them to stay in business. A restaurant allowed to remain partially open will simply die over a longer time frame than one that closes immediately.

If you want to live, and neither die nor endure a slow death, then become innovative and assertive. Introduce new products, new offerings, new services. Tell your clients and prospects what I’m telling you: NOW is the time to be bold, to pursue clients, to offer new approaches.

Even a quicker-than-expected recovery will not bring immediate business. Organizations will tend to hoard money and be conservative in their approaches.

You need to be out there yelling, “Follow me!”


Dickens talked about “the best of times and the worst of times.” That’s often more of a personal decision than we realize. Are you developing new ideas and new offerings and assertively pursuing clients and prospects with offers of help? If you’re not, you’re merely contributing to your own poor health.

Join me in becoming assertive:

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