Volume 9 Number 12 |December 2019


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Holiday Spirit

There is something about Christmas in particular that has perpetuated all the hoopla. “Black Friday,” Christmas parties, buying trees, exchanging gifts, families reuniting and sharing meals, decorated streets and stores—all are present and pleasing to many who aren’t Christian, or are lapsed Christians, or who are completely non-religious.

The minor religious holiday of Christmas (a birthday) has become a secular celebration. I see nothing wrong with that if it brings joy and forgiveness, and family unity.


I think it’s also a time for generosity. That includes yourself and your loved ones, but also others who need help. It doesn’t require cash or a check. It may be volunteering time, or coaching, or supporting a movement.

The most successful and inspiring people I know are truly generous. They give of themselves. They’ll do you a favor, make an introduction, provide a testimonial, share their insights.

I’m a stalwart of the profit motive, but there’s never a session or experience I provide that doesn’t have at least one person, and usually several, attending with my compliments. Invariably, they add tremendously to an experience that they might otherwise never have attended.


I find this kind of generosity mindset to create superb returns, even though that’s not the reason for engaging in this pursuit. You don’t just feel “good,” you receive referrals, support, and you learn a great deal. (I’ve never learned as much as when I’m coaching others.)

So in this Holiday Season, no matter what your beliefs, my wife and I wish you all a “Merry Christmas” in that manner and with that good intention. We hope you’ll be successful by helping others to be successful.

Personal Problem?

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Worried About an Economic Downturn?

We’re in the midst of the longest sustained upturn in US history. So, of course, some people are waiting for the sky to fall any day. (Australia has been in a sustained growth mode since the 1990s, but don’t let empirical evidence fog your fears.)

I began my consulting career, after getting fired, in the middle of a horrid economy, and went from $67,000 in annual income to one million dollars in four years. I didn’t get the memo that this was impossible.

Don’t “hunker down” or live in fear while the greatest economic engine in history is blasting away. Who knows, by the time you read this maybe the market will have plunged.

So what?

Spend an hour with me at a ridiculously low price and I’ll give you the techniques, mental set, and faith to continue to build your practice, come hell or high water, global warming or plastic straws. You can’t help anyone else if you’re not helping yourself. I’m helping myself, and now I’m willing to help you. Are you listening to Chicken Little or Paul Revere?

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