There is no “return to normal” or “new normal,” at least not if you’re awake and aware (despite “awoke”). But “new realities” sounds vague, so here’s specifically what I’m thinking about and observing.


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(No. 272, April 2022)

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Balancing Act® is in four sections this month:

  1. The New Realities
  2. The Human Condition: Hypocrisy
  3. Musings
  4. ORTIYKMWOYBNT-O Department


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Things People Still Don't Get About the Internet

The New Realities

There is no “return to normal” or “new normal,” at least not if you’re awake and aware (despite “awoke”). But “new realities” sounds vague, so here’s specifically what I’m thinking about and observing.

  • Employees will be far less taken for granted and there will be a renewed focus on their gratification in the work and the workplace. (Why human resources has ignored this for decades is a topic I have no room for here.)
  • Employment “packages” will be tailored to the type of talent required, and will include latitude of action, vacation time, personal development subsidies, choices of remote and on-site work, and emotional support needs.
  • Online learning will be abandoned as totally ineffective and alternatives will be developed for future disruptions.
  • In the US there will be a major reallocation of political power emanating from the November elections. People were outraged by the hypocrisy of mask mandates for athletic and entertainment events, while not applied to protestors in the streets and the too-frequent violence that results.
  • The police have not been “defunded” in the least, but are receiving increased funding. The nature of policing will change, and the social services needs will be handled by appropriate resources instead of police. We will return to law and order as a virtuous aspect of our culture.
  • Radical politics on both the left and the right will increasingly be marginalized, meaning that legislation introduced by these people will be ignored or will not be passed. The only way to achieve political ends will be, as usual historically, by forming coalitions. Those blinded by their cause or personal grievance will be left out of such coalitions.
  • We will increasingly purchase products and services online, brick and mortar stores will largely suffer unless highly innovative, and tele-health will morph into tele-consulting, tele-design, tele-realty, tele-voting, and tele-counseling. (Therapy can take place on your own couch.)
  • The transition to electric cars carries far too high expectations and far too aggressive deadlines. The huge ship carrier that sunk (with 189 Bentleys on board) was almost certainly doomed by a fire and explosion caused by those cars in the cargo with lithium batteries. Massive amounts of charging stations will have to be built and supported by belching plants that even now can’t sustain California’s need for electricity. I fully expect higher insurance rates given the possibility of hacking and hijacking or deliberate crashes, dangerous fire potential, and breakdowns from range exhaustion.
  • Finally, immigration will be intelligently managed and encouraged since we are not replacing ourselves through natural childbirth. We will understand why this country’s power has been built by people arriving here for opportunity.

The new realities also include vast opportunities for all of us to better control and forge our own futures and that of our children.

The Human Condition


  • We pay sports, financial, and weather predictors a fortune in the media, but there is no metric connecting their accuracy to their pay. Most are way under .500 in finance and sports.
  • Lennie Bruce was hounded, fined, jailed, and prevented from making a living for using words that you’d hear at a tea party today. Should we go back and “cancel” the lawmakers who created the laws, the government attorneys who prosecuted, the media columnists who excoriated him?
  • Both Houses of Congress are exempt when government pay cuts are mandated because of lack of budget approvals. If they weren’t I’d think the approvals would come faster.
  • I was told by a flight attendant that the captain had “sacrificed” his dinner on a three-hour flight because they were one meal short in first class. And here I thought that he was the employee and I was the customer.
  • When you drive on highways, and often on city streets, you can’t find more than 10 percent of the vehicles (and I’m including trucks and buses) observing the speed limit.
  • I’ve speculated that the people who complain about the election results the most are also the ones who didn’t feel it important enough to take the time for them to vote.
  • It seems to me that if you’re old enough to die for our country, you’re old enough to drink alcohol in our country. And if you’re willing to fight for our country in uniform, you should be automatically made a citizen to enjoy all rights when you’re out of uniform.
  • I understand people not believing in a God. What I can’t understand is those among them who are absolutely infuriated that others do.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts won’t accept anything larger than a $20 bill because the franchise owner is afraid of counterfeiting. Yet the most counterfeited bill in the US is….the $20 bill. (And the local, independent coffee shop will readily change a $100 bill.)
  • The postal service warns that it won’t deliver mail if a house’s walkways are not shoveled and cleared of ice and snow. Yet the post office has a dangerous, icy parking lot after storms and the walkways are very slippery.
  • And by the way, why are my newspapers delivered at 5 am no matter how bad the storm and the conditions of the roads, and my mail is sometimes not delivered at all even when the streets are plowed? I guess my paper guy doesn’t have a strong enough union.
  • The better the performance (speech, play, book, dance, music) the more the unsolicited criticism from those who know they could never measure up to that level of excellence.


Most people react to spending needs with an attitude of “From where can I take it?” It may be an unequivocal and needed expense, such as an uninsured medical bill or a raise in college tuition. It may be an impulse buy or pure recreation, such as a newer and larger TV or a trip to Anguilla. But the internal question is the same: What will be the source from which I can extract this money?

My attitude is different in either cases. I ask, “How can I make it?” That means I examine an offering of value, an experience, or an event that will help people improve in their work and lives while paying me equitable compensation for that value.

I’m not implying that you can always “make it,” especially in the short term. But you should at least begin with that mindset (and aim to replenish money you do have to “take” in the long term).

My wife told me during the last major recession (2008?) while I was working in Australia that we had to spend $30,000 we hadn’t anticipated. In the Qantas lounge I designed a teleconference that I thought would draw about 60 people at $500. I sent it to my tech team to put up on my site immediately, and I also put it on my private community board, I then flew about 13 hours to LA, took two hours to freshen up and change planes, and then landed in Boston five hours after that.

By the time the car picked me up at baggage claim I had 50 participants and would get 20 more.

I have a strong brand, I have a large community, but I also offered huge value about marketing in this teleconference and did so “in the public square” of social media and my lists. I expected equitable compensation for my value.

You should, too.

I’m merely suggesting that you consider “making money” before automatically “taking money.” You might be surprised at how often it’s a valid alternative.

And it leaves you wealthier in terms of money, not poorer. You simply need to abandon a scarcity mentality for an abundance mentality.

Only Read This if You Know Me Well

My father encouraged me to ride with him on the old parachute jump ride in Coney Island. He showed me how the insubstantial seats simply floated down from the heights, safely secured by stout wires. He showed me kids younger than I going on the ride. I reluctantly agreed, because my mother had gone shopping, and I was even more afraid that my father would simply abandon me if I didn’t go on the ride.

In retrospect, I had no way of calculating at six years of age that the monstrous tower was over 26 stories high, and I was, of course, unfamiliar with more modern day safety procedures (such as a safety bar), and hadn’t at all remembered that my father had been in the first paratroop regiment ever formed ten years earlier at the outset of World War II.

He paid a dime for the two of us and we slowly ascended, swinging menacingly in the breeze, and my father admonished, “Don’t look down,” so of course I did. People became the size of large dogs, then mice, then ants, then amoeba. I looked up and thought I actually saw the curvature of the earth. My father said something, but I didn’t catch it, because the chute was launched.

We did “float” down at what seemed like a hundred miles an hour. My father just smiled. When we bounced to a stop and exited, I had to bend over to catch my breath.

And for the rest of the day I told everyone I could that I had gone on the parachute jump. When I became somewhat obnoxious in my repetition, my father reminded me that when he did it in real life, it was with people shooting up at him. I shut up after that.

Development Opportunities
By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only

This year I’m accepting six people for a 2.5-day meeting, June 14-16 in the Caribbean, and 12 people for a 2.5-day meeting September 6-8 at a resort of the group’s choosing. I have two seats open in June and eight in September. We stay at great resorts, work for a half-day on personal and business issues with peers, and socialize with great meals and wonderful surroundings. Spouses and partners are welcome but not mandatory! Write me to apply and/or visit my website.

Return to Australia

Return to Australia 2022

I’ll be making my 19th trip in October, this time to Brisbane, to present a week of unique offerings from passive income and global “reach” to a new strategy approach. Join me and your peers for my latest value to grow your business and decrease your labor facing our “new realities.” Discounts for first registrants. I have limited seating capacity.

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Million Dollar Consulting® for the World

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The Role Play Workshop

The Role Play Workshop

Join me in Dallas on April 29 in an intimate setting for a day of role play where we exchange roles and practice from “both sides.” We’ll deal with sales meetings, referral requests, networking discussions, expansion business, advisory offers, overdue payments, rejecting scope creep, and whatever else is on your mind. We’ll also be adjusting language to reflect today’s new realities in terms of technology, remote meetings, social mores, economics, strategy, and much more. For example, do you realize there’s a vast difference between “budget” (always strained) and “money” (always available)?

Beyond Thought Leadership

Beyond Thought Leadership

Six “stars” from my community from five countries will be interviewed by me in this live, 2.5 day experience. I’ll be introducing new IP, case studies, and role-plays. And the final interview will be with me. This is one-time only, it was difficult to organize. Limited participation, in Miami in November, register now, no one else can offer this experience for your growth.

Ferocious Time Management

Ferocious Time Management

I’m tired of wasting my time hearing people tell me they have no time!!In a rare appearance in San Diego, I’m going to help you ruthlessly organize yourself so that you have time to close business, deliver a remote speech, create a book outline, and learn to tame wild beasts before lunch. Seriously, time is “elastic,” and you can stretch it to accommodate what you need to accomplish. Moreover, most people work too hard to achieve too little. Discretionary time is wealth, not money, but we’re prone to work so hard chasing money that we erode our wealth. Create greater output in a 20-hour week!


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