Volume 10 Number 1 |january 2020


Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.

Tenth Year

Here we are, “suddenly,” in the tenth year of Million Dollar Mindset. I started this after an informal conversation at a Million Dollar Club meeting, writing the first issue on the airplane home. Every month I’ve written a piece which I hope will provide you thinking and perhaps provide techniques and skills for improvement. I’m sure I’ve reached most of you at one time or another effectively, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Subscriptions today for this newsletter are just over 10,000, internationally.

Why and How

I publish five free newsletters monthly and one weekly; a free video series monthly; a podcast weekly; and I blog daily on each of my public and private blogs. I also produce livestream broadcasts and teleconferences for very reasonable fees.

My experience is that I’m never sure where my next “hit” is going to come from (and this applied to my corporate business as well as to my current retail business) but I do know it will come if I’m sufficiently in the “public square.” I don’t try to be all things to all people, and I basically write for myself rather than my audience (I know that’s heresy in some quarters). But I therefore have an audience which basically is in tune with me and not one I have to do backflips to satisfy.

Lessons Learned

These ten years passed quite quickly, of course, and simply required the discipline and the self-belief to produce what I hoped were useful ideas on a regular, reliable basis. My advice to you is that you start long-range plans in the present, not the future. If you want to establish long-term client engagement and loyalty, you need to do that now, so that in ten years (or even two) you’ve created community, connection, and commitment. A “million dollar mindset” is a mindset of abundance, of believing you can help people, of jettisoning self-limiting beliefs, and of not worrying about whether everyone is happy or some people are unsubscribing. The question becomes your motive, your intent. If you really have good ideas for people and a generous spirit, you’ll be fine. My suggestion here is that you start now if you haven’t already, so that you’ll be “fine” for years to come.

Personal Problem?

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Are you listening to Chicken Little or Paul Revere?

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Beyond Value Based Fees

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