Volume 11 Number 6 |June 2021


Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.


Have you observed and “felt” the new confidence being exhibited? People have been vaccinated. The pandemic is dissipating (with some horrible exceptions in international “hot spots”). Businesses are reopening. People have money to spend. And they have the inclination to spend and invest it.

This is the power of resilience, of knowing that you’ve not only merely “survived” but that you may just be stronger than ever, because what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. (And what doesn’t make you stronger just may kill you.) This is the renewal power of community, where people jointly celebrate having endured.

Thus, we have consumers and clients who are revitalized, willing to spend and invest, and engaged in huge normative pressure to enjoy life and to grow. There is a new sensitivity to mortality.


As many of you have heard me say, we are not “returning to normal” nor is there a “new normal.” There is solely No Normal™. That means that our resilience will be constantly needed as we encounter ambiguous times and disruptive moments.

In fact, we ought to be creating them.

Success comes in many forms, and it’s seldom an “on/off” switch. That is, there is rarely a single, best answer. We are usually faced with a range of good answers and choose the best for us, which might involve mitigating risk, maximizing return, maintaining our repute, leveraging through others, and so forth.

Let’s call it the “ambiguity of success.” We need to provide our expertise to assist clients (and attract prospects) in understanding their potential choices. We need to help them become comfortable with disrupting their own markets and creating volatility–thriving in the ambiguity.


There are no answers any more in the back of the book. Superb consultants don’t arrive with a manual of answers, they arrive with a headful of questions. By asking those questions we help lead our clients through ambiguity to the feasible choices they have for success. We help them set priorities on the factors above: Do they want to maximize profits at any risk, or slightly grow with minimum risk? Do they want to remain within their area of repute, or change their vision entirely?

These are among the best times for professional services I’ve ever seen.

Just keep the faith.


Lessons from the End of the World

The pandemic of 2020 was devastating for some and bad for all. Human beings the world over spent a year and a half longing to “get back” to the lives they once lived. But backward is never the right direction to move in life. Some parts of our old lives are well worth recovering and rediscovering, but others should be replaced and re-invented.

Which parts are which? That’s what Alan Weiss, “the rock star of consulting” and author of this year’s Your Legacy Is Now, will discuss with Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, author of the bestseller Stumbling on Happiness and host of the PBS television series “This Emotional Life.” There will be a 45–minute lively discussion followed by an optional 45 minutes of audience Q&A.


Mentor Summit

The Mentor Summit is firm for December 8–9 at The Palms Hotel in Miami, on the beach. The expense offset is $300 for the two, full days. You can bring a partner for $300 or invite a colleague not in my community for $500. Space and rooms with favorable rates are limited. We already have over 40 confirmed. If you paid for the last one which was cancelled, you have that credit.

If you’d like to attend, write me ([email protected]) to register. You cannot attend without registering with me. This is the world’s biggest bargain, two full days with me and your colleagues, including a cocktail party, light breakfast, and snacks.

Master Class

A 2.5-day “PhD” in professional services and entrepreneurialism. We’ll discuss new markets, remote best practices, concierge trusted advisors, scaling your business, client evangelism, and much, much more. At a world–class property, Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI, Nov. 2–4. Maximum 16 people, one seat remains. Fee ($15,000) includes lodging and meals.


The Fishbowl

Watch me coach two individuals, each for 30 minutes, in real time (or you may watch the recording). Afterwards, we’ll engage in conversation about what happened and why, the techniques, and the next steps. This is a four–week experience, once a week, with a man and a woman at different levels of experience and needs. Observer participation, including the interactive discussions, is $500. Apply the learning to your own coaching endeavors. June 8, 15, 22, 29.


By Invitation Only

My elite program for 14 people being held at the Four Seasons, Palm Beach, on September 21–23 (cocktail party on the 20th). We spend an 8 to 1 day (including breakfast) on new IP from me, focus on each person’s business, discussions about growth, and ideas about “post-success.” Includes fabulous dinners at top restaurants, to which partners are invited if they attend. If you’d like to apply, write me at [email protected]. We’re a definite “go,” we have seven people already.

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