Volume 10 Number 7 |JUly 2020


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What IS your mindset?

I’ve never believed that people are introverts or extroverts. I believe that these traits are on a continuum, and we move back and forth according to the situation, the other people involved, and our particular sentiments at that moment. Labeling someone as an “introvert” or “extrovert” is to label them and ignore the nuances of human behavior.

What about optimism?

I feel differently about optimism and pessimism, however. I think some people arise in the morning, think of their mortgages, or some misfortune, or listen to kids (or spouses) screaming, and say, “Another long, slow crawl through enemy territory.”

However, others, even under the same conditions, think, “I’m fortunate to have a family, and possessions I love, and my health, and there is a world of opportunity in front of me.” They may not be willing to blindly move forward in the dark, but they are willing to move toward what light we have.

The attitude you adopt when you wake up influences your entire day. Surely you’ve met people in a foul mood at 7AM on your way to work, or the gym, or breakfast. I’m wondering what on earth happened to them so early in the day to cause such sourness.

I’ve found that, with rare exception, nothing has happened, that’s their ongoing demeanor.

What's the difference?

Pessimism is the tendency to always see the worst aspect or believe the worst is going to happen. “Sure, we won the contract, but that client is going to be so tough to deal with that we’ll probably lose money.” It’s also a belief that the world is a lousy place and that evil usually triumphs. Pessimists feel they have no control or ability to improve things.

Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about future success and that good will prevail over evil, that we have control over most of our life. There is a belief in personal control for improvement. “Sure, the client is tough, but just as we achieved her agreement on our fee, we’ll influence her to support us throughout the project without much difficulty.”


You can tell that someone is normally dour, and there’s been no exceptional event to cause them to be so, because they are that way every day, without fail.

You have a choice, you have control. You can choose to see opportunity or you can choose to see gloom and doom. Is there a big difference? Well, there are people who are doing quite well right now, despite pandemic, despite social unrest, despite disruption and volatility. And there are those who don’t do well even in incredibly good times.

That choice is yours. To me, that’s not much of a choice.

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