Are you able to gain the perspective of the person who’s able to invest in you? Are you trying to look at the buyers sitting in their chairs or fromfrom the chair, looking out?

Volume 11 Number 7 |July 2021


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Sitting in the Buyer’s Chair

Are you able to gain the perspective of the person who’s able to invest in you? Are you trying to look at the buyers sitting in their chairs or fromfrom the chair, looking out?

I’m not suggesting you become The Great Kreskin and read minds, but I am recommending you gain some perspective. The mindset of too many people in this profession is to “sell.” That means to convince another person that it’s prudent—even necessary—to give you money in return for a product or service you are offering.

That usually results in an adversarial relationship, where someone has to “win” and someone “lose”—the buyers win by keeping their money, or you win by taking it. That might seem bizarre and ridiculous to some of you but, trust me, it’s a lurking and often explicit sentiment with a lot of people.

So, what is that buyer seeing from that chair? Is it an adversary who is competing for the “win,” or is it someone of value who can help the buyer to improve the business (a “win/win”)?

Gaining Perspective

There is always talk of “walking in the other person’s shoes.” I heard one version that stated that if you wanted to give someone else feedback, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when they awoke, you’d be a mile away and they wouldn’t have any shoes!

Many of you have been on “both sides of the desk.” Since so many of us are refugees from corporate environments, we know what it’s like to deal with venders, sales people, and the rarer expert. We know that the first two categories are commodities purveyors and the last is a genuine, usually unique talent.

Who are you revealing to the buyer? What is the view from that chair? Are you an articulate, well-prepared, professional who is talking as a peer of the buyer and describing an improved professional and/or personal condition, or are you just another vendor who’s trying to grab a buck?

You won’t know that until you can figuratively put yourself in that chair and see what the buyer sees. Once you do, will you be pleased?

NEW!! Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

For the first time ever I’ve created an online version of Million Dollar Consulting® with 14 segments representing business acquisition, value based fees, proposal creation, referral business, and so forth. I’m intending this for people who could not afford to be with me in the past because of travel distances or being new to the profession.

Every segment has a ten-minute video from me, brief videos from your colleagues in my community, and downloads of text and visuals. You receive all 14 at once, so that you can watch in any order and repeat what you like.

Those of you who have spent time with me will find this a great refresher.

And the introductory fee is only $95! I want to make this available to anyone, anywhere. The fee will go up to (a still modest) $115 on August 1. Simply go here and register immediately:


The Fishbowl II

Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

I’m happy to announce a second Fishbowl Coaching Experience as we conclude the incredibly successful first edition.

In this second iteration, we’ll spend 30 minutes with me coaching an executive, as determined by people in the audience and role played by them. In the second 30 minutes, I’ll demonstrate “speed coaching” whereby I acknowledge volunteers from the audience and coach them quickly on a personal or professional issue. The final 30 minutes will be for questions or requested continuation of either of the first two approaches.

There is a discount until July 15. Join me for a unique, immediately applicable experience in both live and virtual coaching at senior levels and with less labor intensity.


For those who are successful and wonder what’s next:

Post Mid-Life Crisis: Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Post Mid-Life Crisis

A great many people have kidded me, saying, “Alan, I want to be you when I grow up!” This isn’t about ”being me,“ it’s about being the real you. And I can help because I’ve been through it and assisted hundreds of others through the “crisis.” It’s not easy, but it’s also the worst possible issue to procrastinate about. If you wait long enough, other people will have made the decisions for you.

Join me for an hour’s Zoom session (which will be recorded and forwarded to everyone who registers) during which—and after which, I’ll hang around—I’ll take questions. Among my topics:

  • How to determine your personal vision.
  • What is “fulfillment” as opposed to “victory”?
  • Five fundamental areas of personal impact to consider.
  • How to forge a path for yourself with confidence and without fear.
  • How do you find and engage with kindred spirits?
  • How to STOP evaluating yourself and simply accept yourself.

This is an increasingly important topic amongst people who are successful and those who are “stalking” success. There’s so much noise out there that it’s often hard to simply listen to yourself.

July 29, 10:30-11:30 US Eastern time via Zoom. What is the world like for you after success?


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